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The Pros And Cons of Golf Course Homes For Sale in Park Shore

Every house and home investment, no matter how amazing always has pros and cons to consider. So what about the good and bad aspects of golf course homes for sale in Park Shore?


Let us explore this subject in depth as we point out to you all the great reasons to buy one of these houses and all the unfortunate side effects that may come with the purchase.

Close proximity to the golf course

Whether you are a true golfer or not, no one can deny that living right next to a golf course means that you are going to be constantly surrounded by the beauty of green splendor. With gorgeous views and immaculate land around you, this is something that anyone can appreciate.

If you are a golfer, then living next to a great green golf course is nothing less than a dream come true. You can let yourself immerse and indulge in this incredible game as often as you like without needing to travel anywhere.

On the downside, because you are so close to the game, there is the possibility of stray balls flying through your window or damaging your property in some way. As such you should ensure that your insurance covers these sorts of incidents.


Golf course privacy

You don’t have 5 neighbors cramped in together staring through each other’s windows. This means that you gain increased privacy and don’t have to deal with the sardine-like conditions of a normal neighborhood.

However, on the flip side, because a ball can land literally anywhere, there is no way to predict if you are going to have people just outside your home on the golf course or not. Therefore, though privacy is increased it is not guaranteed.

Similarly the same applies to noise levels. Most of the time you are likely to enjoy a much more tranquil and peaceful environment, but there will be days when many loud golfers disturb the peace.


Community restrictions

Gold course homes’ very restrictive living conditions are both a great thing and a slight annoyance. For example, on the downside, you have to keep your property in immaculate condition so that it is up to par with the community and you may not be able to host certain kinds of events, etc that could disturb the peace of the golfers.

On the plus side, this means that your community and area will always look amazing and you will be assured an overall sense of serenity and tranquility making a very hospitable environment for daily living.


Author bio-

Jim & Kathy Murdoch have been involved with real estate in South Florida and want to share their knowledge and expertise with you.