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SIGN IN Your Right To Live In Trump’s America

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If you have picked up a newspaper, looked at your phone or engaged in a conversation at any time in 2017 then you’ll know that President Trump continues to play policeman. What is most alarming, though, are the methods he is using to enforce his own laws, which he is doing through draconian executive orders.

Putting his missile launches to one side, most of his energy has been spent on, well, golfing, yes, but on dealing with what he believes to be the problem immigrants by drawing up plans for a wall across the Mexico border and by implementing a travel ban. He has broadened the definition of priority when it comes to deportation.

So, if you want to live in America, it is more important than ever that immigrants know their rights, know how to exercise these rights and know how to protect themselves during this turbulent Trump administration.

Can I See Your Warrant, Please

Even law enforcement officers have to obey the law, and the law states that Immigration and Customs Officials can’t enter your home without a warrant that has been correctly signed by a standing judge that works within the immigrations courts. With this in mind, if you do get a knock, knock at the door then ask them to slide the signed warrant under your door, or hold it up to the window for you to see.

Do Not Sign Anything

According to former agents, there are a hundred different ways in which immigration and customs officials will try and use the system in their favor. It is part of their role, and so they try and use your legal ignorance as a means of securing deportation. As a golden rule, do not sign anything until you have spoken to an experienced immigration attorney. The last thing you want is to sign a voluntary departure document.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Thanks to the rise of smartphones, it is easier than ever to record and share any encounters you have, and you must. The only time you will not be granted this right is on federal property. So use photos and videos in your favor. Take down everything from badge numbers to vehicle registration, time and date to the number of agents they sent, and write a detailed description of your encounter. This could be your best friend when it comes to knowing whether your rights were violated or the law was broken.

Help Is Only A Helpline Away

Immigration is not illegal, not only that, it is celebrated and protected by so many people, charities, and agencies. We were all born on this planet and so we should have the chance to freely explore it as our home. With that in mind, if you need any help or have anything to report, then contact organizations, such as United We Dream. These hotlines have been set up to help protect your rights, so make a note of their contact number and share what you have learned with your community. We are many, remember that.