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How A Workplace Refurb Can Translate Into Increased Profits

There is such an emphasis on online marketing these days that many business owners make the mistake of neglecting their physical premises. A shiny new, professionally designed website can do wonders for your profits but you should not forget about your bricks and mortar. Your business premises say a great deal about your brand so it is time to look closely at what it is telling your customers about you!

A refurbishment can make you more efficient

Don’t forget that your profits are governed by two things. Your outgoings and your incoming receipts. If you can decrease your outgoings, you may be able to improve your overall profits. You could cut down on heating and maintenance costs by giving the structure of your business premises an overhaul.

Many business owners choose to replace the metal wall cladding on their warehouses and retail outlets. Commercial buildings often become damaged by lorries colliding with them, vandalism and general wear and tear. This will be carried out by trained fitters to a high standard and will ultimately lead to an increase in your property’s value as well as making it more pleasant to look at and more able to keep out the elements and keep in the heat. This cuts down on electricity costs.

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A refurb for increased productivity

Employees like to work in a building that they can be proud of. If you operate your business in a scruffy dilapidated building you are unlikely to attract the best employees because they will be embarrassed about working for you. Staff recruitment and retention will become a problem for you. Recruiting new staff is expensive so you want to retain your staff if you can. To do this you need to give them a pleasant place to work.

A pleasant working environment is directly correlated with increased productivity. When employees like the environment in which they work, they work harder and put in that little bit extra effort that makes your business such a success.

Time your refurb with a rebrand

Rebrands and refurbs are perfect partners so do it all at the same time. It may be a bit stressful, but it will get it all over and done with at the same time. It also means that clients who are attracted by your new rebrand will be treated by seeing your amazing new refurb. It is a whole new start for your business and you and your employees will notice the difference.

Improved facilities and health and safety

Dilapidated premises are rarely safe premises and are not well equipped. If the fabric of the building is damaged it could be a health and safety hazard. Something as simple as some damaged metal cladding could fall off and injure an employee at any time. This leaves you with the knowledge that you have caused an injury to one of your valued employees and could even end in an expensive personal injury claim.

You can look after your employee’s welfare by repairing and refurbing the business premises.