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How is Advertising Changing for Small Businesses?

For as long as it’s existed, advertising has been in a state of flux and constant change. There are always new technologies, new strategies and new ideas taking the advertising world by storm. Many of these burn bright and then disappear. But there are others that have a lasting impact and change how businesses operate. It’s often small businesses that get hit hardest. Here are some of the most obvious and dramatic changes being seen in advertising right now.

The Internet Has Levelled the Playing Field a Little

One of the great thing about the impact the internet has had on advertising is the way in which it has leveled the playing field. It’s now possible for small businesses to target the right customers in an affordable way. Before the internet was here to help them, this was more difficult, often impossible and certainly expensive. You can go to PPCPro.Com.Au if you want help with online advertising that offers precision. It shows how even small businesses can begin to compete with big companies in some ways.

Humour and a Human Touch Can be Harnessed

It’s not just about direct selling and delivering sales pitches anymore. It’s more important than ever to have a sense of humour when it comes to advertising. People are now tired of the stiff sales pitches that get delivered. They want to be entertained in some way. That’s why so many small businesses attempt to create shareable and funny adverts and video content online. If it manages to take off and get shared a lot, the brand exposure you receive could go through the roof. That’s a pretty big deal, and a human touch also helps a lot, especially on social media platforms.

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Customer Service is Less Important Than Customer Engagement

Engagement is the big word to focus on when it comes to customers these days. Customer services is still important, but it’s changed a lot in recent times. Engaging with customers and grabbing their attention is key. It has to happen on a more one to one kind of basis, though. This is tied to the rise in personalisation that many companies are now opting for. It’s all about making each and every customer feel valued and important to the business. Of course, each customer is vital, and when a customer is lost, it’s very damaging.

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Endorsements from Online Influencers Can Have a Massive Impact

This is one phenomenon that has changed a lot in the last few years. It’s always been the case that celebrity endorsements carry weight. But they need to be delivered in a more authentic way these days. And those endorsements come less often from mainstream celebrities and more often from online influencers. These might be bloggers or vloggers or social media celebrities. These people often have huge numbers of people following them, so their endorsement can be worth a lot. You can learn more about the impact they have at You should then try to make the most of them.