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Team Work: Looking After Your Employees Properly

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As a business owner, you will know that success and profit rest on a huge number of aspects combined. High-quality stock, good reviews, effective advertising, an eye-catching store front and a consistent website with attractive design. The list goes on and on. But one of the most important aspects of any business is the people whose time and effort go into making the customer experience as perfect as can be: your staff. Your employees are the backbone of your business. They ensure that everything is carried out smoothly and presented to the customer in an impressive way. As the old saying goes, the customer is always right. If your employees help customers to find what they want and make transactions smooth, they will ensure that they return again and again. Value this! Many managers and business owners take their staff for granted. But the better you treat your staff, the better they will perform and the more dedicated and loyal they will be to your business and the brand name. So, where to start?

Incentives and Rewards

When staff perform well, acknowledge it and make sure that they know that their hard work and dedication is appreciated. When people feel appreciated, they are much more likely to continue working to the best of their ability, as they will feel a kind of loyalty to you as their employer. Reward high-performing staff members. This can take many forms. From a simple compliment and handshake to bonuses and gifts such as a bottle of wine or champagne. These acts will create positive and strong relations between you and your staff base. You can also offer incentives to boost effort and morale in the workplace. Offer a prize to the individual with the highest sales each month. This can be small or large. Ensure that everyone understands the terms of the incentives and see sales improve and the profits roll in!

Have a Protocol for Negative Incidents

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their workplace and one way of providing support and reassurance is to make sure that you have a protocol in place for negative incidents that may occur. Make sure all staff know that they can reach out to you if they experience abuse, from other staff or customers. Prejudice shouldn’t be permitted in the workplace and reports of negative comments or behavior allows you to ensure they are resolved quickly. Regularly run through emergency regulations, so staff feel comfortable, confident and calm in cases of emergencies such as a fire breaking out. Have strong workplace injury management skills, so that you can aid your staff in the most effective way should they experience an accident in the workplace.

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Listen to Your Staff

This is a truly simple step to improving your working relations with employees. Just listen to them! Take the time to have chats with individual staff members. Ask how things are going and question whether there’s anything in their working environment that can be improved. Once a month, conduct a staff survey with a section that allows them to make suggestions for improvements.