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How To Make Sure Your Property is Secure From Trespassers

If you live on a property without any fences surrounding your property, you may often be getting frustrated at other people or animals unknowingly trespassing. If you live in the country, Bush or a coastal area you probably live on a large property, and may even be confused with the boundaries of your property. To fully understand your shared boundaries to take full ownership of your land, have a look at some of these tips to help outline your property. Regardless of whether you live on a large property of an apartment, there always ways to make your area more distinguished.


The first step to giving your outline of your property shape would be to check your lease, or land ownership papers to work out where your property starts and ends. Once you have this sorted, you could consider planting trees on the outskirts of your property, to help you understand where those property boundaries are set just by looking out at your property. This creates a closed off space, while still helping your home in the country or bush blend into the natural environment surrounding it. Many people don’t like the idea of having their property sectioned off as it makes them feel claustrophobic in their surroundings. Planting trees a few metres apart helps the outskirts of your property blend into the environments.

Others have considered fencing off the area. If you haven’t already considered fencing options, here’s some reasons why you should buy rather than hire temporary fencing. Fencing is a defined way of outlining your property, and for many, it can provide a sense of security. You can elect for a higher fence if you are worried about intruders; otherwise, a small picket fence could be ideal for separating your property from your neighbors. If you would still rather stick to the natural look, a hedge skirting the area a barrier would sit still provides the security you are after from intruders, while blending into the all important surroundings.

If you happen to live in an apartment with a shared balcony, you may feel restricted by your neighbours being so close to your living space. To improve the aesthetics of the shared area, you could always install standard bamboo installation that separates your area and provides more comfort for you in your home.  If you’re not into the bamboo effect, you could always choose to add a lattice fencing and have vines grow across it for a more natural look. Growing vines on your balcony will also add much wanted greenery that is often absent from apartment living.

Whether you live in an apartment or on a large property, the right touch can help your outside perimeters feel homey and is an excellent way of making your home feel more private in your own home. Through adding more natural alternatives such as vines, trees, hedges or bamboo fencing you can ensure you all still in touch with nature. If you choose to go for a more traditional style to keep unwanted trespassers out a cute picket fence is ideal.