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The Ideal Car


Trying to decide on what your ideal car would be? Here’s some help.


Now, this all comes down to personal preference, as they say; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It really depends on your taste, and also what you would be using the car for. But let’s categorize them into two groups. Individual, and Family.


If you have children, then it won’t really be any good to visualize a sleek, streamlined racing car, because you’re going to be dropping and picking up your kids from school in it. You can expect there to be crumbs, spilled drinks, and dirty feet over the seats.

You will need something that has enough room inside, with five doors, so no one has to climb over the front seat to get into the back. Something more along the lines of an SUV, four-wheel-driver style would be perfect for this. It’s a big, beautiful beast, with enough space for the whole family.


You will have a lot more freedom when looking at different appearances and models, because you only have to think about yourself and what you like. First visualize the build, when you imagine yourself sitting in your dream car, do you expect it to be low or high? Bulky or light? Rounded or squared? When you start having an idea visually, then you can think about the colors. Bearing in mind, you can essentially get your car painted any color regardless. But remember there are different finishes too, like solid, metallic, pearlescent, chrome and matte


How you want your car to drive, will depend on what you plan on using it for. You may want something that rides smooth with ease and control. Or maybe you want something aggressive that can tackle uneven, inconsistent roads. Or even a mixture of the two, meaning it will have to be able to adapt to all different environments and adjust itself accordingly


We all want a car that we know is safe to drive and can protect us when need be, so always make sure that everything has been tested out and has been given a perfect rating. You want something that not only has the right features on the interior of the car, but outside too. This includes the wheels and the bumper, etc. A lot of cars nowadays come with new technology that has been designed to give you a safer driving experience, like alerting you if you go over the lines on the road, or if you’re reversing too close to another car or object.

Additional Features

– Voice control is becoming a new feature in cars where you are able to activate and function your vehicle by speaking to it.

– Don’t forget the zinc nickel plating to be used as coating. That will give the car the ultimate finish while resisting all manner of corrosion, which is important when dealing with the different types of weather conditions.

– And if you’re one that likes to wear your stylish shades, then remember you can have your windows tinted (to an extent of course.) This gives you a little more privacy in your vehicle while keeping your car cool from the sun.