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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland: A winter paradise

There are more than a few enticing options out there, when it comes to choosing a resort for a much-needed mid-winter getaway. However, few, if any, enjoy the heritage and reputation for excellence enjoyed by the Finnish Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

Located 250-miles north of the Arctic Circle at the northern-most tip of Finland, Kakslauttanen is the perfect place for those who want to disappear beyond the reach of the world. The hotel feels completely isolated, even though the Ivalo International Airport is conveniently situated and, if guests are of the mind, Norway and Russia lie a mere stone’s throw away.

While Kakslauttanen is open summer and winter, the winter season is considered by most to be the best time to pay a visit, and for good reason. Set right by the Urho Kekkonen National Park – the largest, most pristine of Finland’s national parks – Kakslauttanen is situated in what must be one of the most peaceful places to be found anywhere in the world. At Christmas time, this area of Lapland is truly magical. For starters, there’s the blue light of twilight, and metres upon metres of snow – perfect for skiing and snowboarding – and then there’s the wonder of the aurora borealis to behold; a natural event so spectacular it needs little explanation.

It is the epitome of a winter wonderland, where the water is so crisp you can quench your thirst from one of the many passing streams, where the air is cool and fresh, so that you can feel it in the depths of your lungs, and the snow is thick and soft beneath your feet.

The accommodation at Kakslauttanen is world-famous for the glass igloos that await its guests. From the comfort and warmth of your bed, you can stay up all night and marvel at the waves of colour of the northern lights, or stay up with friends talking and laughing and exploring the frozen wilderness around you. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then why not consider Kakslauttanen’s newly built Kelo-glass igloos, which combine the striking views of the glass igloo with the warmth and comfort of a cosy log cabin? Able to sleep up to six, and featuring a private sauna, fireplace, and a luxury kitchen, it is the perfect place to stay with the family or friends and good company.

Of course, if you prefer your creature comforts, guests can choose instead to stay in a rugged-style log chalet, complete with everything needed for a little rest and relaxation time. Conversely, for the more adventurous there are Kakslauttanen’s famous snow igloos – an ice-cool experience that will still allow guests to sleep in absolute comfort, whatever the temperature might be outside.

In keeping with the Christmas season, visitors to Kakslauttanen will be delighted to know that after centuries of anonymity Santa has chosen to unbolt the door to his home here – an idyllic and striking red-decorated log cabin which awaits visitors at the end of an ornate wooden bridge. Set in the heart of a dark snow-topped forest, Santa’s Celebration House is a festive cabin which is well-known across Scandinavia as the largest log building in Finland. Able to host up to 250 guests, be it for dining, celebrating a wedding, or letting their hair down for drinking, music and merriment, the Celebration House is undoubtedly worth during your stay.

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