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Make Your Road Trip More Enjoyable

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Is there anything more enjoyable than packing up the car and going off on a long road trip adventure in the summer months? I think most people can agree that the humble road trip is one life’s simplest joys, especially if you do it right.

How exactly do you do a road trip right? By doing as many of the following things as possible, that’s how…

Make Your Plans Loose

When you’re going on a road trip, it’s sensible to make a plan, so that you know roughly how much money you’ll need for gas, accommodation, and other essentials, and so that you can ensure you get to visit all of those must-see attractions along the way. BUT, you shouldn’t make your plans to tight because part of the joy of a road trip is taking your time to explore, going to places you never expected and generally just going with the flow.

I would also suggest that you don’t put too much research into the destination you’ll be visiting on your trip. That way, you’ll come across a lot of surprises, and everyone knows that surprises make everything better.

Check Out and Tune Up Your Vehicle

If you want your road trip to go without a hitch, then checking out your car, or even better having it checked out by a professional to ensure it’s in good shape is a must. If you have money to spare and you want your trip to be as comfortable as possible, making small modifications to your vehicle, such as adding better 4×4 suspension kits, air-con if you don’t already have it and more comfortable seats is a must. Adding a new sound system, which enables you to connect via Bluetooth is also a good idea if you’re road-tripping with friends and you want everyone to be happy with the in-car entertainment.

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Create a Killer Playlist

Which brings me to the subject of music. Road trips are nothing without a killer playlist, which keeps everyone happy and gets you pumped for being on the road. Obviously, every playlist will be different pending on your tastes, but anthems and upbeat songs are best for long road trips. You might even want to add a favorite podcast into the mix to make things a bit more interesting.

Turn Off

Apart from whatever device you’re using to find your way around and play your music, turn off all of your devices as much as possible, and you’ll enjoy your road trip experience a whole lot more. Being in the moment, looking at the sights as you pass by them will be much more exciting and a lot more memorable than time spent being glued to your phone.

Talk to People

One of the joys of going on a road trip is the amount of time you are able to spend at roadside diners, parks, and attractions just talking to people. Whether you’re in the smallest town or the biggest city, you’ll be surprised by the number of interesting people, with wild stories to tell, you meet if you’re open to meeting people.

I hope you have a wild ride!