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The Buyer’s Guide to The Subaru Impreza

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Subaru is one of the most popular car makers on the market right now. And there is no wonder why when you look at all the different cars they offer. They are known for their slick family favorites, like the WRX and Legacy, but they also have an impressive reputation for their large SUVs and off-roaders, such as the Forester and Outback.

But one of their best-selling cars has to be the very popular Impreza. It is one of the cheapest Subarus that you can buy, which makes them a firm family favourite. But what else do you need to know before you buy this great car? Here’s our complete review.

The Impreza Engine

The engine that comes in the Impreza will be easy for beginner drivers to handle. It’ll also keep the car ticking over at a reasonable speed, so is safe enough for family cars. The one thing you need to remember is that the oil needs to be regularly checked. Ideally, this should be done after every 7,500 miles. Your local Subaru service garage, such as Eblen Subaru, will be able to take care of this as well as any other repairs and services. Once you clock up 45,000 miles, you need to think about changing the cambelt. When you are driving your Impreza, you need to always have your ears open for any knocking signs that come out of the engine as these are a sign that pistons have been damaged.

Transmission In The Impreza

Transmission is very important in a car as it helps control the gearbox and wheels. Thankfully, the Subaru gearbox is known for being very hardy and tough, which helps to improve transmission. This is something that the company has improved over the years. For example, a few years ago, the Classic’s clutch was known for shuddering when used while the car was cold. Not the new Impreza’s gearbox has been greatly improved, and users hardly ever experience clutch shudder, even when the car is cold.


How does the Subaru Impreza’s bodywork stand up to all the day to day usage that often comes with being a family car? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it stands up pretty well!  The most vulnerable areas are the ones that you most expect – the front and rear wings. If you have an accident, these are the parts of the car that will be most badly affected. But even then, common damage, like from stone chips, shouldn’t cause too much visible damage thanks to the great paintwork. It is important to always check for rust, though. The bottom of the car isn’t sealed, so rust might sneak in through the underbody and affect areas that you can’t easily see.

The Subaru Impreza is a great little all-rounder car, and perfect for various types of drivers. Whether you need a family vehicle or just want an auto for the daily commute, this will be a great choice. As well as its great performance, it will also look excellent parked on your drive!