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Top 3 Most Modern Ways To Pay

Advances in technology have changed the way that we pay for things. Cards and phones have replaced cash, giving way to a much easier system of paying for things. No longer do you have to worry if you have the physical money on you to pay for something; you just have to remember your card or your phone! It’s all about knowing which is the easiest way to pay, so here are the top 3 modern ways to pay!

Contactless Cards

Like the debit card wasn’t revolutionary enough, cards have gone one step further; contactless. Not all cards are contactless, so before you attempt a payment using a contactless system you need to make sure you have a card capable of it! Check with your bank to see if you’re eligible for one if you don’t already have one, companies such as Santander offer free contactless upgrades for cards. They work by having a unique chip installed into the card that is able to make wireless contact to a card machine when it is in the vicinity, which in turn gives access to your bank account! This also takes out the need to put in a pin code, making the process much quicker and easier. Whilst current contactless spending limits are at £30, it is still an incredibly useful and easy way to pay!

Wireless Card Machines

Whilst these are not seen very commonly in anywhere but restaurants, the use of a bluetooth credit card machine is becoming a very popular and common site within restaurants.They are literally as simple as they sound, a wireless card reader that a waiter will take to your table in order to pay for your food! Whilst not completely life changing, what these do offer is a much easier experience in a restaraunt. No one has to get up to pay, there isn’t any waiting or messing around, it’s all very clean and quick!

Phone Payments

Very similarly to contactless cards, phones can be used to make wireless payments. Most modern phones such as the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8 have a feature known as NFC, standing for Near Field Communication. This ingenuitive feature allows your phone to interact with other devices within the radius of the NFC’s field. With apps like Android Pay, your phone can interact with card machines and make payments to them! This removes the need for even a card, as you can just use your phone instead! It packages more uses into your phone, meaning that your life can be so much easier!

After reading this, hopefully you take advantage of these easy ways to pay! The problem with them is that not many people know about it because it isn’t advertised as widely as it should be, but if you know about them then it makes your life just that extra bit easier, and more comfortable! With technology moving as rapid as it is, who knows what innovations will come up next, if you’re looking for some cool technological concepts to bury your mind into, read this article!