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TSU Protection Services – To protect and serve

Offering a variety of security solutions throughout South Africa, TSU Protection Services operates in accordance with staggeringly high levels of professionalism and Endeavour Magazine investigated, to discover if that’s the key to the company’s success.

Founded in 1999, TSU Protection Services (TSU) went into a new millennium with one mandate; to fill an observable gap in the market for effective, professional security and protection solutions throughout South Africa. Starting out as they meant to go on, the exceptionally high standards that permeated every endeavour, right from the start of the company’s inception, has meant that interest has been registered from large, international security operation, for representation on a more local level.

So let’s ask the pertinent question; why is security so important? We asked TSU CEO, Chris Beukes, to explain,

“It’s important to lower the risk of whatever you are doing and to ensure that your people, money and interests are safe. South Africa is particularly pertinent in terms of needing protection services. It’s important to always remember that people are one of the most important assets, as you can’t just replace a high-level executive the next day if something happens. An accident or hijacking is always possible, but that risk can be severely impacted by having the right security detail.”

If there’s one thing that TSU knows all about, it’s why choosing the right security company for your need is so important and it’s not a decision they want you to take lightly.  In the modern business world, failure to protect your assets can result in a loss of profit and even danger to staff and property, all of which will have a massive impact on the longevity of an operation, but what constitutes the ‘right team’?

We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our members undergo a strict selection and training process based on the methodologies used by specialised units in the South African Police and Military.”

While these credentials are impressive in their own right, there is an added dedication to providing the very best protection services that only TSU is really known for,

“Our broad blue-chip client base bears testimony to our ability to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and their security risks reduced. A broad base of expertise, experience and resources ensures that we deliver the best results attainable for each assignment. The sophisticated skills of our highly qualified team of experts combined with their commitment to excellence further add value and often create additional opportunities for our clients.”

Other than the ethics and experience that a company can boast, this really demonstrates how to judge the reliability and resources of a security operation; by looking at who their clients typically are. TSU is proud to offer security solutions for everyone, but with a huge base of impressive blue-chip companies at the core of their respected client base, TSU is really setting the standard by which all other protection services should be judged. Chris expanded,

“We have a wide variety of clients, from the banking, mining, legal and telecommunications sectors, as well as private individuals. We are absolutely here for everyone and always keen to offer a tailored security solution.”

Speaking of sound business ethics, you’d have to go a long way to find a company that prides itself on its staunch morality and commitment to reliability, more than TSU. If there is ever even a vague concern that a contract cannot be completed, it simply isn’t taken on,

“At TSU Protection Services, we will only commit to a potential project or a contract if we know that we can meet and deliver the requirements according to our own unique high standards and service levels. A project will never be accepted unless we are sure that we have the resources to deliver. We work closely with the official law enforcement agencies and adhere strictly to the letter of the law, a boundary that will never be overstepped.”

While this dedication to upholding the law and protecting clients and their interests runs through the core of TSU, at no point will anyone be worked with unless they hold similarly rigid and ethical principles,

“A project will never be accepted from a client who does not conform to the same ethics and principles that we do.”

It seems like a logical step to find out exactly what TSU is looking for, in terms of clients. Naturally, this is a risk-heavy industry and as such, TSU is cautious to always be protecting the professional members that make up its team, so what steps are taken to ensure that? Chris explained,

“Our staff are the backbone of the company, so we spend a lot of time and money maintaining their knowledge and updating their training to the newest standards, as we are conscious of their personal safety, as well as their expertise, always being a top priority. In a bid to keep our staff members safe, we tick all the necessary boxes, keep up their training and don’t leave them to further their own education. Because of this, we have a low staff turnover, which in turn, leads to the protection of our good name.”

Given that TSU is widely regarded as one of the premier security solutions provider in South Africa, it must have an extensive list of services, right? Extensive doesn’t even come close! From executive protection through to guarding, training and even armed escort offerings, if you need it protecting, TSU is more than capable of rising to the challenge and its reach is consistently expanding,

“We take up a lot of work throughout Africa now. We have a journey-management centre is in place, meaning that we can travel with people or work with local partners in different countries. Background checks are a natural part of this process, as executives are always keen to know who they are potentially entering into business with, especially if they are in different countries. This simply offers peace of mind and less risk. We’ve experienced a 35-40% growth in the last year, which has lead to a more international reach.”

With a keen eye on all things security and protection, it’s a fair assumption that TSU is prepared for anything and while its reputation is going from strength to strength, what does the future hold?

“We have a long-term vision to see more international growth. We want to work for many more blue-chip companies and top-level executives, though that is already happening. We would like to see a large chunk of the market, cornered by us and in a global sense, we want to be the standard by which all other security companies measure themselves. We’re not just a small company from South Africa and we expect to be here for the next 100 years.”

Whatever the future brings, one thing is certain; anyone entrusting their business to the capable, experienced and dedicated members of TSU that ensure iron-clad security and protection will be in exceptionally safe hands.