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4 Fantastic Careers You Can Follow With An Online Degree

Sadly, a lot of people shy away from getting a degree as they don’t want to go to college. While many people think college is all fun and games, partying til dawn, and waking up at noon, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people just don’t like the thought of leaving home, or perhaps they have commitments that need them to stay. Similarly, a college education is very expensive, and a lot of people can’t afford it.

As a result, there are lots of young people that are missing out on potentially brilliant careers because they haven’t got a degree. Well, don’t you worry, there is an alternative approach to take. Instead of paying the full college tuition and covering living expenses, you can save a lot of money by getting an online degree. They’re not available for every single subject, but there are many careers you can follow with an online degree under your belt.

If you’re feeling a little unsure about this, why don’t you have a look at the great careers that an online degree can help you pursue:



A career in nursing can open your eyes to so many new and amazing things. Starting salaries aren’t the best, but there are plenty of opportunities that mean you can start earning the big bucks. Plus, it’s a career that’s very fulfilling as you’re helping those less fortunate than you. Your life is devoted to caring for others, and this earns you the most amount of respect possible from everyone in life.

You’ve probably been told that becoming a nurse requires all sorts of education and qualifications. This is true, but a lot of it can be done online. There are so many different programs and courses you can take online to get the right qualifications. To start, you can become a Registered Nurse online by taking a course and getting a degree. Then, you can take your career a step further with a 100% Online RN to BSN Program that takes you from a standard Registered Nurse to one with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. To add to this, you can study online Masters programs to get a Masters degree on top of everything else.

So, you can go from nothing to a highly qualified nurse without needing to go to college. This opens the door for some high paying jobs in nursing.

Public Relations

The world of public relations has gotten bigger and bigger over the last decade. As social media has come to the forefront of everyday life, it’s more important for companies and celebrities to manage their public image. As such, they turn to people with public relations expertise to help them out. If you’re a public relations specialist, you will do all sorts of things for various clients to maintain a positive image in the public eye. You’re almost like the middle-man between a client (could be a business, could be an individual) and the public. This could mean you run their social media channels for them and write up press releases or get them the media coverage they need. All in all, you make them out to be a very good client, so the public loves them.

To pursue a career in public relations, you don’t need to do too much studying. A simple bachelor’s degree will suffice – either communications-based or in public relations itself. The great thing is, there are loads of colleges that offer online versions of degrees like this. This is largely because a lot of the studies are theory-based instead of practical. So, you can follow the course online and come out with the right qualifications.

Now, you’re ready to step into the world of work with your shiny new online degree and a whole load of public relations expertise.


Business Administration

If you’re looking for a popular degree that can set you down a long and successful career path, business administration should be at the top of your list. With a degree in business administration, you make yourself more employable to companies all over the world. You’ve got knowledge and skills on how to run businesses, which a lot of people need. So, you could be hired to help deal with managing a company and dealing with administrative procedures.

As you can tell, you need a degree to really get ahead in business administration. Thankfully, this is one of the most common online degree courses out there. Almost every institution you can think of will offer one, it’s almost as though the course was built to be studied online.

Once you’ve got your degree, it should be fairly easy to find work as this career is currently in-demand and there are jobs everywhere.

Web Development

Today’s world is spawning so many ‘new age’ jobs that are in frighteningly high demand. The rise of the internet and the dependence on the world wide web has caused web development to be a very exciting career. There are always web development jobs, and the demand is set to increase. As a web developer, you help companies design and look after their website, ensuring they run properly all the time.

For this career, you need some type of ICT degree. Again, these degrees are amazingly common online. By taking an online ICT course, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field and be fully-qualified.

Now, you will appeal more to prospective employees. To add to this, you’ve learned all the skills you need to make a success out of this career.

There are four completely different careers here that you can follow with an online degree. So, don’t think you’re out of luck if you can’t go to college. Save up, and go on an online degree course instead. You’ll obtain good qualifications and give your career a real boost. The great thing is, you can study for an online degree whenever you want, at any stage in your career. If you think your career is failing, consider an online degree to give yourself more chance of turning things around.