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Man Down! Reducing Universal Injuries In The Workplace


Employee injuries are a problem. 137 workers were killed at work in Great Britain in 2016-17, a bump from the year before. This has resulted in nearly 100,000 employment tribunals per year since 2014. For workers and employers alike, the rise is a worrying sign. As the boss, it is your job to ensure the smallest injury doesn’t occur on your watch. Otherwise, you could face an unwelcoming barrister in a funny hat.

With this in mind, it’s essential to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace. To do that, here are the tips that can help.


Provide Up To Date Equipment

Employees think the company is at fault and employers think the workforce could do more. Regardless of who is right and wrong, it is your legal obligation to keep them safe. To do so, they need the equipment which allows them to carry out their job. For example, construction workers on-site need helmets, goggles, and high-vis clothing to name but three. And, don’t assume it is only the people who work in high-risk places. Even the office staff need ladders to reach the top shelves and eliminate risk. It goes without saying, but the equipment should be as up to date as possible.


Concentrate On Common Injuries

Did you know that 31 died at work from being hit by a moving vehicle, or that 25 fell from a height? Compared to contact with electricity, 8, the figures are a lot higher. It isn’t that electric work doesn’t need attention because it does. However, it is obvious that the common causes are more likely to lead to an accident or fatality. By focusing on these areas a little bit more, the firm should be able to reduce the odds of injury. Slips, trips, and falls are three additional causes to consider because they happen every day.


Use Technology

Tech isn’t only for increasing productivity and reducing business costs. Yes, it does these things too, but it can also help from a safety standpoint. Do employees in your company have to lift heavy materials? If the answer is yes, chain conveyor systems are excellent alternatives because they reduce risk. By moving heavy items alone, there is no reason for a worker to hurt their back. Even though there is a safe way to lift things, it is better to eliminate the risk.


Create A Safety Culture

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to cover every base. Human beings are their own people, and that means they make decisions on their own. As a boss, this is an issue because it can lead to accidents and injuries. Your only option is to try and create a culture which makes them more safety conscious. For example, if you train them and update the courses, they are likely to act safely. Or, if there are consequences for acting unsafely, they will follow the business protocols.

Injuries will happen, so make sure you have a first aid kit on hand for the inevitable.