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If You Want More Customers, You Have To Make Life Easy For Them

The modern consumer is a very lazy person. That’s not an attempt at being rude, it’s simply a fact. We’re all a lot lazier than we were a few decades ago, with regards to being consumers and buying goods/services. Before, we had no choice but to head down to our local town and walk around the shops looking for things we wanted. Or, we’d spend ages poring through page after page in the phonebook, looking for the ideal service.

Nowadays, things are much easier, consumers can do everything from their sofa with just a laptop or mobile device. As such, modern consumers aren’t used to doing a lot of work when it comes to finding businesses to spend their money on. They’ll search on Google, maybe come across a tweet on Twitter, or get an email that jumps out to them.

My whole point is that if you’re not making life easy for consumers, you aren’t going to find many new customers. People don’t have the patience to spend ages searching for things anymore, they want everything now, within a couple of seconds. Furthermore, here are a few words of wisdom to help you make life easier for consumers and gain more customers:

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Get On The First Page Of Google

There are all sorts of stats floating around about the Google search results. Perhaps the most mind-boggling is that 70% of people don’t move below the first page. If your website isn’t on that page, then you aren’t getting seen. You make it harder for consumers to find your business. Consequently, find some affordable SEO services and improve your search ranking. Get on the first page, ideally in the first few results, and you make life way easier for searchers. All they have to do is search for some keywords, and they find your site, simple.

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Promote Your Social Media Posts

Another way to get your business right in consumer’s sights is by promoting your posts on social media. This means you pay to get your posts more visibility. Your promoted tweet will be visible on people’s timelines even if they don’t follow you. The same goes for sponsored Facebook or Instagram posts. Again, you’re making life easier for consumers. They don’t have to do anything to find you, you’re bringing your business to them.

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Bid For Targeted Ads

Targeted adverts are ads that will show up for a specific target market of people. For example, if you own a company that sells shoes, you want your ads to be seen by people shopping for shoes. Thanks to the internet, and cookies, this is easily possible. Ad companies use people’s browsing data to see what things they’re interested in, and tailor ads to suit their needs. This means consumers get fewer adverts that are irrelevant, and businesses can bid for targeted ads. Doing this makes life easier for consumers as your adverts are right in their face without them needing to do any searches.

If consumers have to work hard to find your business, then they simply won’t bother. They’ll just find other businesses that are making it easy to find them. Take this advice in, and use it to better your business.