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Running As A Freelancer? Keep These 3 Things In Mind


Freelance worker is much different to keeping a normal job at a normal firm. For one the reliability and pace of the work you are alloted can change every single day, as can your working hours. Hired by a lucrative client half the world away? Changing your sleep pattern on a whim could be a very real necessity. Need to upgrade to the latest version of a critical piece of work-related software? It could be you need to foot the cost entirely by yourself with minimal tax breaks.

The life of a freelancer can be hard and worrisome. However, it can also be immensely freeing and stress-free. Doing what you love does require sacrifice, but if you’re good at it and know how to put yourself out there, you can make a stable living from submitting the work you know and love to the wider world.

You can also benefit from the following three simply responsibilities:

Keep An Eye On Tax

Due to being a freelancer, your tax payments are not likely to be localized in one area. You will most likely need to pay the tax you need as monthly contributions and yearly payments. Depending on the country you live in, these can differ in amounts. It’s important to calculate this well, because if not you can potentially be fined and even penalized by the legal system. If you can foot the cost, becoming acquainted with an accountant can give you the monetary allowance you need to truly develop your accurate monthly/yearly contributions. If you’re unable to do this, then you might be a subject for debt recovery. In these cases, using tax debt settlement companies to manage your payments can be a strong way to resolve the issues.

Stay Cosy With Clients

Clients are the bread and butter of your freelance work. Companies and individuals can often review your services on many websites, so it’s best to keep your reputation in mind at all times. Your reputation will be improved by going the extra mile for a client. This secures repeat business, and allows them to recommend you. Many freelancers flood the internet with their contact information, so this word of mouth can be invaluable to retaining and gaining new work. Work is valuable to a freelancer, as it is never guaranteed. There is often no severance package or any other form of reimbursement if work dries up.

Keep Achievements Recorded

If you keep your achievements recorded, and can prove those in some form of portfolio, then you can gain new clients with a stronger net. If you move from a freelancing gig to a salaried position, then you can fall back on the big firm employment gap you have experienced for the last few years. It’s not always easy to secure new work as a freelancer, but with a documented history of everything you have achieved, you will find your seamless transition into new work more easy.

With these tips, the seas of freelancing should hopefully become more of a quiet wind with a smooth tide, rather than surviving a storm with an unfit vessel.