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You And eBay

eBay has been around for a very long time. And you’ve probably already heard about this platform, even if you haven’t used it before to sell or buy items on it. It’s very user-friendly, accessible and affordable. All of these things and more are what make it the perfect marketplace.
The founder, Pierre Omidyar, founded the website in 1995, but first named it AuctionWeb. His original idea was to create a website that is going to be an online auction marketplace. His aim was to connect sellers and buyers in their eCommerce ventures.

However, his original idea quickly evolved and nowadays the website is one of the most successful and popular online marketplaces. It has a revenue of $8.97 billion. The platform has over 168 million active users that come from countries all over the world.

eBay has grown so much in its 23 years of existence that there are millions of users that make transactions on a daily basis. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are sellers, some are buyers and some are a bit of both worlds.
Given the size of the platform, you’re able to find shockingly high prices for items that are highly sought after. And shockingly low prices for the ones that can be found in abundance.
There are things like collectibles, vintage products, unusual goods and items that are in low supply and have ridiculously high prices. If there’s something you’d really want to have, you can also bid on that product. As with the regular auction, the highest bidder wins.

Right now, the most popular things that are sold on eBay are collectibles. These are then closely followed by the number of sales of tablets, and then shoes. About five collectibles are sold every second.

You can take a look at the infographic below to see a great outline of all of the mentioned and other interesting facts about eBay. They range from the day it was founded, all the way up to today.

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