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Do You Qualify To Make A medical negligence Claim?

If you think you have suffered at the hands of a healthcare professional, you may be considering the possibility of making a compensation claim for medical negligence, but you could be wondering if you qualify. To make medical negligence claims UK, there are certain rules your situation has to comply with, one of them being you should start your claim within three years of the medical malpractice. You also have to be able to prove that it is their negligence that has caused further problems, and it is not just that the treatment you were given did not work as well as you had hoped.

Did Your Doctor Mistreat Or Misdiagnose Your Illness?

If your doctor misdiagnosed your illness and consequently mistreated you, you could find that your health suffers, and you could well be in a worse condition than before you visited them. As highly trained as they are, they do sometimes make mistakes. If that happens, medical negligence solicitors would be able to help you make a claim for compensation.

Some people do not like the idea of claiming for medical negligence UK against their GP who they might have known for many years, but your claim could highlight a problem, and stop someone else suffering the same fate as you. It could even be that your doctor acted in good faith and did not realise they had made an error.

Did The Pharmacy Dispense The Wrong Medication?

Pharmacies have procedures in place to ensure that they dispense the medication you have been prescribed correctly. If these procedures are followed, no one should ever be given the wrong dosage or someone else’s medicine by mistake, but it does happen, and more frequently than is often realised.

Without the medication you need, it can have a bad effect on your health, but what could be even worse is the effect the wrong drugs could have on you. The Medical Negligence Experts provide free over the phone claim advice, so if your pharmacist makes an error, you will be able to determine if you qualify to make a medical negligence claim by speaking to one of their advisors. Claiming against them will ensure they tighten their procedure even more, and in the future, they will be less likely to make the same mistake again.

Did Your Laser Eye Surgery Make Your Sight Worse?

No one expects a problem on a visit to the optician, but there could be one if your laser eye surgery goes wrong. Many thousands of people choose laser eye surgery every year as an alternative to wearing spectacles or contact lenses. In most cases, it is very successful, but if the professional carrying out the procedure causes damage to your cornea, has not assessed you closely enough to ensure you are suitable for this type of surgery, or your eyes become infected because of their lack of care, your sight could be permanently made worse.

Part of the problem is that you do not have to be a qualified surgeon to administer laser eye surgery, and in some cases, it is the optician that does the operation.

Quite often, when you complain about the results, they offer to carry it out again free of charge. If they have messed it up once, why should you trust them to do a repeat procedure? Medical negligence lawyers can help you make a claim because if any of these circumstances apply, you would qualify for compensation.

Was Your Test Carried Out using Faulty Equipment?

It does not matter if your test were carried out at your doctor’s surgery, the local NHS hospital, or a private clinic; if the equipment is faulty, the test results will be flawed. Delayed treatment or incorrect treatment could result from this, and your health could suffer.

It is the responsibility of the medical professionals to ensure that all their equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards. Even something as simple as a faulty computer screen could mean the results are not clear and result in you needing to contact the best medical negligence solicitors to assist you with your compensation claim.

Do You Qualify To Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

The examples above a just a very few of the things that can go wrong when healthcare professionals make a mistake. It could be your dentist that makes an error, your physiotherapist that treats the wrong muscles, a cosmetic surgeon that causes you a problem, a practice nurse that takes a smear test in the incorrect way, or any number of other things. Anyone working in the healthcare professions has a duty of care to provide the highest standard of treatment. If they fail in this legal duty, you will qualify to make a medical negligence claim.

Once you have the information to know that you are entitled to compensation, how do you start your claim? You speak to the experts, who will be only too happy to help you from the start through to the finish of your medical negligence claim.