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Turning The Spare Room Into The Perfect Work Space

Being lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to work from when you work for yourself is going to come in handy. As your business grows, you are going to need a space that is just perfect for you to work from. Finding privacy is such a challenge when you work from the house, especially if you have children running around during the day. It’s far easier to escape to a home office to take an important phone call than it is to take a call while the blender is going for dinner and the children are engaging in wrestling matches.

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Making your spare room your new office could save your sanity and save you money, because you are going to end up being able to claim your home expenses on your tax return in April. Here’s exactly what you need to get your spare room looking in the best shape a home office can be.

Desk. Your office won’t be complete without a desk, and whether you choose to have a large corner affair such as the one that you can find here, or you choose a small, fold-out item, your desk is going to need to accommodate your equipment. You can go for something more streamlined if you are stuck for space, but a corner desk with a lot of storage can really help.

Chair. Finding office chairs to suit you means going out to the store and testing some. The shape and ergonomics of your chair is going to help you to maximise your comfort, which is exactly what you need when you are working from home. Find a chair that you can change the height of, that gives your back plenty of support and that makes you feel like you are sitting comfortably at all times.

Lighting. One thing that you need while you are working with a computer screen is good lighting. Where possible, opt for a lot of natural light in where you sit in the office. If you can’t, then a large lamp that shines directly onto your workspace is going to help you to avoid straining your eyes and feeling comfortable.

Storage. An office and a business come with paperwork, and not everything can be kept paperless and on the cloud. Filing cabinets that blend in the with the rest of your office and keep your station looking effortlessly tidy are the ones that you really need to aim for, and you shouldn’t be afraid to invest here.

Shelving. You need your office to look attractive, and you can get exactly that with beautiful shelving around the room. Store files, ornaments and family trinkets to make your office feel as homely as you need it to.

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Your home office is going to reflect your business. Make it messy and you’ll have a cluttered business mind. Keep it uniform and modern, and you’ll be far more successful in your business efforts. A home office is the perfect place to work calmly, what does yours look like?