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Using Your Own Promotional Ladder Instead Of Their’s

Just as the dawn of mankind and our early triumphs on this world were due to the natural hierarchy we lived by, the world of work is no different. The simple matter of fact is, there will always be lower, middle and upper echelon classes to the way humanity pushes itself forward. There’s simply no other alternative that has ever worked. Giving major responsibility to those without any experience, talent, skill and or qualifications would mean we as a species commit suicide. This is why there is a system that means people just entering into professions will need to be at the lower end of the totem pole. Others who have dedicated their lives to their crafts, improved over the years and now happily have taken on more responsibility will get paid more. Well at least that’s the normal way of doing things, it doesn’t mean there are no exceptions. Those with a mind toward the promotional ladder will be prudent and righteously cutthroat to bring their own ladder.

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The higher power

There are certain people that don’t find bliss or sense in being in the academic world. With gusto and a sense of making it on their own, they leave school or don’t attend further education and start looking for work. Others may go onto completing an undergraduate course and then begin looking for work in their chosen field. Another class of people that doesn’t often get mentioned is those who go one step further and go beyond the previous two. Working toward gaining a superior knowledge of their subject, these people chase the allure of the master’s degree. Gaining a much more complex view of their profession and the serious subject matters that are discussed and made the main priority of those in high places, master’s graduates are immediately put above the other piles.

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Your own ladder

Employers of all kinds are attracted to those who have shown academic vigor and love for their subject of choice. Given the benefit of the doubt much more readily, those with evidence of greater understanding of the issues the boss faces, will more often than not be given a chance to lead. Companies want these types of people to instantly go into their leadership positions and take charge of the cutting edge concerns in their aims. Take for a simple example of anyone who earns a master of social work online degree. Despite not needing a bachelor’s of Social Work degree, those who enter the course will be perhaps more adept in their field than those who do. Rather than the average salary of a social worker with this degree who earns around $40,000 a year, the one with the master’s degree can earn around $57,000 and $110,000 a year. Why is this so? Well because the master’s degree goes into policy matters, and understanding the intricate effects of socioeconomics, and reflexivity.

We may not like to admit it, but it’s simply unavoidable to acknowledge that those with higher degrees will earn more than those who don’t. It’s like bringing your own promotional ladder to the professional world, and it’s almost certainly always works.