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Are Conventional Vehicles Doomed?

Cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles all seem like such reliable parts of the modern world. The idea of the world existing without these vehicles sounds next to impossible, but it might be a situation we’re facing in the near future. Here’s why…

Self-driving cars and trucks

While self-driving technology definitely has its problems, there are no signs that any of the developers of these vehicles are tempted to give up just yet. As a result, a future in which self-driving cars and trucks have a place is looking increasingly more likely. As people become more accustomed to the idea of self-driving vehicles, it’s safe to assume that the days of conventionally-driven vehicles may be numbered.

Scandal in the car industry

The VW diesel emissions scandal sent shockwaves through the entire automobile industry. The news that a well-known company was seeking to cheat their emissions tests was incredibly concerning, and may have permanently destroyed the faith many people once had in the car industry.

The struggles of the motorcycle industry

While motorcycles remain relatively popular, there’s simply no doubt the motorcycle industry has more than its fair share of problems. If you want to find out more about the issues facing the motorcycle industry — and how they might be rectified — then this infographic provides a useful starting point…

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