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7 Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning to Temporary Buildings

The rapid growth of today’s economy is not without its challenges. While demand is growing and there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to expand, there are also plenty of uncertainties and changes in regulations. The political climate in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world – the United States in particular – is also causing a lot of disruption to markets around the globe, which means extra caution is needed for businesses to survive sudden market changes.

Nevertheless, the opportunities are there for businesses of different sizes. A lot of companies are pushing for better market share and catering to more customers in the UK and Europe in order to capitalize on market growth. This often means expanding operations, including companies’ manufacturing line and sales operations. Instead of making big investments as part of the expansions, many businesses are now turning to temporary buildings to house these operations for a number of good reasons.

Fast-Paced Construction

Temporary buildings are meant to be used on a temporary basis, but they are also easy to build. Construction can be completed in a matter of weeks and the building can be used almost immediately. The solution is perfect for temporary use, such as for when businesses need to temporarily move their manufacturing line as they expand the main structure that houses their factories.

Each part of the temporary building is pre-fabricated. Smart Space, a leading name in the temporary and semi-permanent building industry, is experienced in building temporary structures for different purposes, including workshops and education buildings. Their pre-fabrication capabilities allow them to provide the structure that meets a business’s specific requirements without requiring long production time.

The entire process of constructing a temporary workshop or factory can be completed in as little as seven days. For larger structures, up to 28 days are needed to complete the project. Once erected, the structure can be used the way permanent facilities are used.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Another primary reason why temporary buildings are quickly becoming the go-to solutions for businesses who want to expand their operations is cost. Temporary and semi-permanent structures are much more affordable to construct due to their pre-fabricated nature. Every component of the structure is made to exacting standards to reduce production and construction costs by a substantial margin.

The structures aren’t necessarily modular, but they are still highly customisable. Businesses are able to create the exact space and working environment they need based on specific requirements. In the case of expanding manufacturing operations, the requirements are not too complex, and they can be met without increasing the costs too much.

There is also the short construction period. This allows businesses to quickly move to a temporary manufacturing facility within days. It is easy to save on construction costs as well as other costs associated with the relocation. Businesses can also tap into market growth faster, all without having to invest in a bigger, more permanent manufacturing structure immediately.

Extra Flexibility for Medium Enterprises

The cost-efficient nature of temporary buildings isn’t the only advantage businesses can benefit from. Aside from the low construction cost, temporary structures also offer immense flexibility in terms of size and usage. The standard temporary building made by Smart Space can be used for up to three years without substantial maintenance. When you take the time needed to construct a more permanent manufacturing facility into account, temporary buildings are the perfect solution indeed.

Business owners no longer have to choose between coping with market demands and making good investment decisions. The market is responding to the availability of temporary structures too. Manufacturing equipment suppliers are now making their machinery and manufacturing tools available on a temporary basis to help businesses expand using limited investment. There are more financing options on the market to help fund business growth and make everything more accessible.

As a result, small and medium enterprises now have the opportunity to compete with their bigger, more established rivals. Expanding production capabilities is not that big of a challenge to overcome, especially with these options now just a few phone calls away.

Customisable for Specific Needs

Temporary buildings are not meant to be used permanently, which is why the basic kits often come with fewer features. They usually use standard PVC roofing and don’t really offer sufficient insulation. For workshops and factories, the lack of insulation isn’t always a problem; it is also an issue that can be solved with good ventilation.

However, certain businesses may have higher requirements and the basic temporary building kit isn’t always up to the task. This is where the wealth of optimisation options offered by top construction companies like Smart Space come in handy. The temporary structures available today are highly customisable down to the last detail.

For starters, you can now have different layouts rather than be limited to one big open space. Dividers and support structures can be added to meet the specific needs of certain companies. At the same time, there is also the option to add better insulation – including air-insulated anti-condensation roofs – and thicker 40mm wall cladding.

Good Compliance with Building Regulations

The only thing businesses need to provide when they want to use temporary buildings to house their manufacturing line for a while is space. Everything else comes with the customisable kit. It is also worth noting that the temporary structure can be built directly on the ground or on top of a pre-fabricated platform, depending on the space available and the challenges of the area.

There is no need to worry about complying with local building laws or going through complex procedures to get planning permission. The building layout and other supporting documentation come with the temporary buildings, so the whole process of starting construction can be completed quickly and without delays.

All materials used are safe for the environment too. With careful planning and a few upgrades, temporary buildings can be made to be more energy-efficient. There is also another big advantage to using a temporary structure.

Relocatable and Reusable

Yes, temporary structures are relocatable, which is why businesses love to use them so much. Companies that work on-site on a number of projects usually have several temporary buildings ready for use. When a project needs to be handled on-site, those companies can simply erect temporary buildings to support their work.

The use of temporary buildings on the site of a project leads to more savings. Since there is no need to rent a space to handle on-site production and storage, the overall cost of the project can be reduced. The same can be said for the reduction of transportation and handling costs thanks to temporary buildings providing sufficient protection for sensitive materials and equipment.

Companies don’t even have to invest in a temporary building for every project. The same structure can be reused and relocated to the next project. The relocatable nature of temporary structures really opens up a lot of possibilities for businesses, especially UK companies with a lot of projects in the UK and EU.

Available at Any Time

Temporary structures are made of pre-made, in-stock materials. A lot of companies that offer temporary building solutions actually have the materials in stock at all times. This brings another big advantage to businesses: the ability to have any type of structure erected in a matter of days and upon notice.

When a business – your business – needs to handle a sudden spike in demand, it can have a temporary structure added to an existing workshop in order to expand the manufacturing line. When a project requires on-site manufacturing, an entire temporary building kit can be shipped and erected very quickly.

Top construction companies are able to provide this level of on-demand structure while maintaining high customisability at a relatively low cost. The cost of building a customised structure – and the time needed to complete the construction – will vary depending on the kind of layout and features requested, but it is still a more cost-effective solution compared to investing in a permanent structure.

Temporary and semi-permanent buildings are already helping businesses in the UK and Europe in coping with market growth and spikes in demand. According to the latest market surveys, the demand for temporary structures is on the rise as companies deal with more projects and cater to more customers. That demand is only going to get bigger with more market changes happening in the near future. The seven reasons we discussed in this article show just how much businesses can really benefit from the use of temporary buildings.

It doesn’t stop there either. Temporary buildings are only one of the several options available to businesses who need to expand their operations quickly and efficiently. Semi-permanent buildings, which offer 3-7 years of use and can be erected just as quickly, are also great options to look into. More permanent solutions are offered through highly customisable, pre-fabricated steel building kits. The next time your business needs to expand at short notice, these building options are the ones to look into as a solution.