Coffee Break

How to keep productive and motivated while working from home.

Many people enjoy the freedom and comfort that working at home offers. While it’s nice to have some say in your hours and schedule, it can be difficult to stay motivated to get things done. When you make the decision to work at home, it makes sense to have a plan for staying productive.

Use the Right Tools

Setting yourself up for success means having all the of the necessary tools and equipment for being productive. Depending on the job you’re doing, that will often include a laptop or personal computer, cordless phones with answering machines, paper, pens, and other basic office supplies. You should also have a printer, ink and paper, as well as invoicing sheets and a calendar for tracking important dates.

Remove Distracting Triggers

You know what distracts you, whether it’s the novel you’re reading or the television, and keeping your workspace away from those distractions helps you stay on task so you cross everything off the day’s to do list. It’s best to set up a trigger free area in a separate part of the house so you aren’t lured away by the prospect of reading, watching your favorite show, or making a snack. Set up regular break times so that you can come back refreshed and ready to work.

Track Your Time

Keeping track of your time is important because it enables you to charge the right rates for your goods or services, but it also helps you manage the time you have so that you get your job done without having to spend extra hours every day finishing everything. When you know how long a certain task is likely to take, you can schedule your time accordingly, so you don’t miss deadlines or forget something vital that needs doing.

Make the Rules When you Work from Home

The biggest attraction to working from home is being in control of your time and schedule. However, you must have rules set for yourself so that you stay on track and don’t waste the day doing things that can wait until you’re done with work. These rules might be that you work for two hours, then take a 10-minute break. Or you might make it a priority to take 30 minutes to eat away from your workspace, so you can catch your breath and recharge. Your rules may be different but should be created to help you get your work done when it would be easier just to lay around and relax on the couch.

Working from home is enticing, but like any job, it requires dedication and commitment to ensure that you are productive and finish tasks in a timely manner. Even if you work at home, you can lose your job if you get lazy or slack off. If you can be rigid enough to keep at it, you can be quite successful working in the comfort of your own house.