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The Traditions We Don’t Need Anymore

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There are many cultural traditions in society that we happily follow without giving a second thought. But are we really right to follow them blindly? After all, many of these traditions have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer, and are mainly based on beliefs or ideas that we don’t hold these days. However, the traditions are so ingrained into society and life that few people actually question them.

If you think about it, though, there are some cultural traditions that we follow that are extremely outdated in this day and age. Do we really still need to follow them? Here are a few that people are starting to think are no longer relevant in today’s modern society. Take a look and see what you think about them.

Daylight Saving Time

Did you know that there are people campaigning to end daylight saving time? This may not be such an old tradition as it only began in the early 20th century. However, we still use it today but many people now think that it’s time to bring this practice to an end. There are many studies that show the extra darkness through the winter that this causes is linked to an increase in depression and the SAD disorder. Not only that, though, but many experts believe ending daylight saving time can help everyone sleep better.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Whenever a couple get married, it is extremely common for the woman to take the man’s surname. This has been the tradition for as long as we can remember. It’s certainly been practiced for the past few hundred years! These days, though, now that more people are now in favour of feminism, a lot of couples are starting to ignore this tradition. More and more women are choosing to keep their maiden name. In some cases, the man takes the woman’s name in an effort to try and reverse this outdated tradition.

Respecting Our Elders

We are regularly taught that we need to respect our elders. But is this always the case? For example, should we still respect an elderly relative if they are rude to us and don’t show us any respect in return? Many people are now starting to think not and that the elderly among us shouldn’t get any special treatment, especially if they are rude, racist, or voice extreme political opinions.

Christening A Baby

As soon as a new baby is born, their parents will probably start to think about christening it if they are Christian. This is another tradition that is starting to become less popular with parents, though. Many now feel that it is unfair to force a religion onto a baby before it has the chance to reflect on the religion’s beliefs. A lot of parents now prefer to wait to christen their child until they are old enough to understand what is going on. They then have the chance to say whether they want to be christened or not.

Which of these traditions do you think are pointless nowadays?