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15 Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

Do you love to drive? Finding a job that revolves around a particular passion is not always easy but if you’re passionate about all things four-wheeled you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to a career. Here are a few suggestions if you love cars and being behind the wheel.

  • Car Dealership – if you work in a dealership you’ll be surrounded by the latest models all day long. Help customers find the perfect car for their needs by sharing your knowledge.
  • Automotive Journalist – journalists don’t just report on the news. There are automotive magazines and online news sites that would appreciate your enthusiastic views on the motoring world.
  • Model – what a dream job it would be if you could help show of the latest models at automotive expos. Travel around the country, even abroad to promote and advertise the newest cars.
  • Vehicle Mechanic – if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and know your way around an engine consider becoming a mechanic. You could work for yourself or at a dealership.
  • Vehicle Restorer – do you have a keen eye for detail? Many of the vehicles from years gone by deserve to be given special treatment and restored to their former glory.
  • Marketing – automotive manufacturers need marketing experts to promote their new ideas.
  • Games Developer – if you love playing computer games why not combine two of your passions and design racing video games?
  • Designer – without car designers we’d have none of the new models that appear in the dealerships every year.
  • Car Museum – you might be lucky enough to have a car museum nearby so check whether there are any job vacancies you could apply for. Spend your days showing people around, talking about the exhibits, or keeping them gleaming and shiny with a regular clean.
  • Car Assembly – a lot of work goes into making a car, and much of it is done by assembly men and women. All day long they work hard building the cars we buy from the dealerships, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they come together.
  • Professional Driver – there are a range of opportunities if you want to be a professional driver. Try being a chauffeur, taxi driver, mini-bus driver or long-distance trucker – you can even use self drive van hire to go self-employed. Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you sort insurance! For your insurance needs get in touch with Acorn Insurance.
  • Car Detailer – give your customers the new-car look they haven’t got the time to achieve themselves. Get up close and personal, inside and out and leave their cars gleaming.
  • Car Rental Agent – help people enjoying their vacation and business travellers with their rentals. You’ll be able to answer their questions and handle all the paperwork. A valid license and clean driving record are required.
  • Valet – there are a number of high-end clubs, hotels, and restaurants that employ valets to park the cars of guests when they arrive. What better way to spend your working day than driving top-notch cars to and from the parking lot.
  • Tow Truck Driver – be the one who comes to the rescue of vehicle owners when their cars break down. You might be surprised at the variety of vehicles you get to transport to a local garage for repairs.