Tesla Inc.: Supercharging the future

Tesla, Inc., headed by visionary CEO Elon Musk, is an increasingly major household name. Whether or not you own a Tesla product, you are almost guaranteed to be aware of the company’s work in clean solar energy, lithium-ion batteries for green...

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Business Profiles

Marcopolo South Africa: Made to order

South Africa’s public transport industry is a complex and challenging one, but a rewarding frontier if tackled correctly. For Marcopolo, one of the world’s largest bus body manufacturers, it is a challenge the group can take in its stride; we spoke...

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Coffee Break

15 Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

Do you love to drive? Finding a job that revolves around a particular passion is not always easy but if you’re passionate about all things four-wheeled you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to a career. Here are a few suggestions if you love...

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Car Reviews

Tesla Model S 100D

Tesla’s attempt to present an electrical vehicle (EV) that could offer a genuine alternative to the reigning twin supremo of diesel and petrol vehicles appears to have (surprisingly) actually become an actuality.  I was very skeptical when I picked...

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