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Crucial Information For Those Considering Offshore Drilling Jobs

Offshore drilling jobs can be some of the most demanding yet equally rewarding careers to embark on. If you are considering applying for one of these jobs then you need to be 100 per cent committed and fully aware of what this career choice entails. This article aims to give you a helping hand with that.

The basics

Let’s begin by clarifying what this job entails. The offshore drilling platforms around the world today are some of the biggest man-made structures created. After all, the process of extracting petroleum is extensive and elaborate. This involves an array of professionals who have to work together to extract petroleum from the ocean floor – including everyone from drillers to project managers to geologists to engineers.

What offshore drilling jobs are available?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the four main jobs consist of; project manager, drillers, geologists, and engineers. The latter two are involved in beginning the process via using specialist technology in order to determine where the most petroleum can be found. Alternatively, if you want to go down the route of becoming a driller then you will be responsible for running the pipe in and out of the wellheads. In essence, you have to ensure that the oil transports effectively from the floor of the ocean. And then you also have project managers. As you may gather from the name; they are responsible for ensuring the whole project runs smoothly.

Are you the right person for one of these drilling jobs?

There is no point in applying for any of the drilling jobs mentioned if you do not have the skills needed. If you want to seek a job as a driller then the ability to handle powerful and strong machinery is essential. You need to be alert and you need to be able to respond quickly as well. On the other side of the spectrum, engineers and geologists must be highly analytical. The latter is an extremely specialist role. It deals with being able to deduce and decipher samples and seismic data. You will need the right qualifications. You can view programmes here if you do not have the qualifications and need to get a degree online before proceeding.

Being the right person for the drilling jobs that are available does not only relate to the skills you have. You also need to consider the fact that you are likely to be away from home several weeks at a time. Is this something you can cope with? Whilst away on the rigs your working schedule will be demanding as well. You are likely to experience working days that consist of eight to twelve hours. It is imperative that only individuals with a stable home life consider applying for a drilling job. You need to sit down with your family and thoroughly discuss this career move. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only do you need to think about the unusual working schedule, but you also need to consider the potential for extreme weather conditions and the fact that you will be surrounded by potential dangers; including hot liquids and toxic gases.

As you can see; offshore drilling jobs can be extremely rewarding yet they are highly demanding at the same time. You can expect to work long hours and you will be away from home for extended periods of time. Nonetheless, this also means that you get to benefit from several weeks at home without work too. Furthermore, you are likely to reap the rewards of a favourable wage. You need to sit down and carefully consider whether the pros outweigh the cons in order to determine whether this is a career move for you.