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New Year, New Business Opportunities

2019 has arrived, bringing with it more business trends to consider and how to adapt to them, as well as the need to keep your employees happy and productive. After all, January can make the hardest of workers feeling a bit blue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t unlock the opportunities a new year brings.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a one-man businessman or run a large enterprise, here’s a guide on how to prepare your business for the new year. Doing so could make 2019 your best year yet.

Check Stock Levels

If your business stores and delivers a lot of stock, you need to see how well your business is doing; in January, there is a surge of people buying, be it clothes or electronic goods. Your business has, most likely, also just came out of the Christmas and New Years sales, and if you were not prepared, your business may currently be lacking stock. Make sure to remedy this as soon as possible.

Look Over Your Strategies

Trends come and go, but in the off-chance that one has stuck, and you failed to jump on the bandwagon at the right time, it’s best to try and implement them into your current strategies. For instance, have you heard about micro-influencers? Micro-influencers are like usual marketing influencers but have fewer followers. This usually makes them cheaper, more down to earth, and their followers more engaged and trusting of the influencer. Micro-influencers are seemingly becoming essential in digital marketing campaigns the world over.

Furthermore, think ahead to what the new year has to bring you. For instance, Valentine’s Day is only around the corner, and then before you know it, Easter will soon be gracing your calendars. Put plans in motion by starting to brainstorm ideas for such yearly landmarks for the general public. If you are, for example, a clothing brand, you could do limited edition clothing for Valentine’s Day and collaborate with a designer.

Improve Office Culture

As previously mentioned, January is a month that makes many people blue. It is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to try and keep your employees’ in good humour. Do so by organising days out as a means of congratulating their hard work and allowing people to have an extra half an hour to relax during the lunch break. The added time can allow employees to communicate with one another, or if they are in great need of some time with just their thoughts, they can play Unibet and relax.

Other ways to boost morale involve having drinks at the office one Friday afternoon (although have an alternative planned if people are doing Dry January) or letting your workers have a shorter day a couple of Fridays throughout the month. Inc discusses the benefits of flexible working hours.

It’s a new year, and with it there are many opportunities, be it personal, for the business, or for your employees. 2019 brings a lot of potential, making this year valuable to your company and how it can improve.