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5 Incentives For Your Top Employees

The hardest thing about owning a business isn’t balancing the books or managing difficult clients, it’s attracting the right talent and keeping hold of it. Every single business out there wants to bring in staff who are capable and know how to work their way around a business, no matter the department or role for which you are hiring.

The issues begin when your staff feel that they are going through the motions in their roles. People want to feel wanted, motivated and like they have an incentive to show up every day. If you don’t give your staff a range of new challenges, they cannot grow and if you don’t incentivise those challenges, there’s nothing driving them to do better. With that in mind, let’s take a look at incentives that you can offer your employees at the top. Doing this will encourage those below to do more and reach another level.

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Offer A Choice. Build a programme into your business whereby your staff get a choice in how the business can be improved. An idea bounty can be a good way to do this, and you can allow your staff to submit their ideas once a month. From here, you can narrow those down to three and get everyone to vote on which idea they want implemented. The winning idea gets a bonus.

Get Personal. If you want to incentivise your sales team, why not do it through their car? Going to and getting brand new, personalised plates for the vehicle that they use day to day could make a big difference to their motivation. Not only have you made it a personal boost to their day, you’ve chosen a unique way to show your appreciation

Go Flexible. Not everyone does well with the nine to five working day. We all have different methods of getting things done, and if you choose to introduce a flexible working environment, you can accomplish your tasks in no time at all. Employees feel great when they know they’re going to be able to work from home if they need to – which keeps them loyal!

Blow Off Steam. Offer something more than a desk and a computer. Your staff are busting their backs to work for you and make your dream stay alive. So, give back. Provide a gym or exercise classes. Offer a cycle to work scheme. No matter which way you go about it, offering them a way to blow off steam during the work day can make a big difference to their day.

Just Listen. Half the time, people go nuts about their working environment simply because their leader has listened to what they have to say. It makes a very big difference to them when they’re heard, and you could easily make sure that they are. Hear their ideas and make them feel listened to; it’ll change the way they work.