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Can Tech Bring Your Team Back Together?

A lot of how we communicate and collaborate is now reliant on the digital technology we use to do our work. As such, businesses that don’t look at how technology can help improve their teamwork will find their employees feeling more isolated, and less part of a team that is frequently working together. Here, we’re looking at some of the tech solutions that can really keep your team connected.

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Team communication software

In a world of DMs and emails, who really needs another method of communication? A lot of people, surprisingly .Team communication software allows them the opportunity to better manage and track conversations. You can have them split into relevant groups and projects, with the ability to pin resources and insights that remain relevant to the conversation. It’s simply too easy to lose track of a long email chain and DMs aren’t well-suited for long-term conversations, either.

Cloud file-sharing and storage

File-sharing is becoming increasingly important in a world where more of the resources that send and receive are digital in nature. However, with a standardized method of storing and sharing that data, it can become hard for team members to give each other the resources they need while ensuring that the data remains safe. For that reason, taking the time to migrate to AWS or similar Cloud-based storage and file-sharing solutions can drastically improve things. It makes data management easier, it keeps data more secure, and it makes it easier to find specific resources, too.

Project management software 

When it comes to large scale and long-term collaborative tasks, it’s important to be able to maintain a bird’s eye view on workflow. That way, you can identify bottlenecks, see which tasks are reliant on other team members coming together, and ensure that you’re moving through the project within the schedule. As such, when it comes to managing your team, project management software can be hugely helpful. It helps everyone see what their role is in a project, can help them lay out their workflow so they better understand their objectives, and makes it clear who to turn to if they need help.

Issue tracking and ticketing software

This solution is specifically primed for those members of the team, such as the IT department, who have to deal with a steady stream of requests from others. Ticketing software allows them to better order their work, letting the requester know that the issue is being addressed (olr when it’s being addressed.) Issue tracking allows them to better maintain a record of events so that if they have to get more support in or talk about the issue with the requester, they can pull up the information they need much more easily

While it might be tempting in the modern age to hint that technology is the solution to just about everything, in the case of communication, it’s becoming increasingly important. If you feel like your team is less cohesive and less collaborative than in the past, offer them the tools that make it easier to come together.