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Buying a Luxury Vehicle? Here’s What You Need to Know


Cutting edge luxury vehicles provide premium features, high-speed engines, and sleek designs. Flashy and sporty, they are sure to be showstoppers while providing comfort and safety.

If you are thinking of buying a luxury car, it’s essential to carefully consider the advantages and downsides of premium cars before making your final decision.

What makes the high-end vehicles stand out?

Superior Performance

When it comes to upscale brands like Audi or Mercedes outstanding performance is guaranteed. High-end models can outperform most of the vehicles on the lower end of the scale.

If you are looking for more horse-power, thrilling acceleration and an extra punch at highway speeds, luxury brands are a safe bet.

The downside: the cost might be on the heftier side, even when it comes to second-hand upscale models.

Advanced Safety

Upscale manufacturers take great care of the safety of the passengers. European carmakers are known to pave the way when it comes to safety issues.

The pricy purchase provides you with a host of features that come as standard equipment. A full set of airbags, a reliable ABS functionality, and traction control are commonplace.

Pre-collision sensors and night vision cameras additionally improve safety.

You can get more info on on safety features and many more things.

You Can Count on Fuel Efficiency

European automobiles may be luxury vehicles that steal the spotlight, but those cars can actually save you money after the purchase. Most of them are highly fuel-efficient meaning you won’t have to spend too much on the fuel.

To benefit from fuel efficiency, make sure to regularly check up your car, especially the spark plugs. If they are replaced immediately when they develop a fault, you are good to go.

Functionality and Unique Design

Modern luxury automobiles are both classy and comfy. They are famous for the latest and greatest technology, speed, horsepower, and stunning design.

On the downside, you will have to take care of which car repair service you hand your 4-wheel baby to. If you are a proud owner of a high-end vehicle, make sure to trust your car only to the best automobile repairers in the field, with advanced technical expertise.

Otherwise, you risk damaging your car.

European Delivery Programs

Imagine having an opportunity to take a tour of your favorite European manufacturer’s factory, see the brand’s museum or even watch your own car getting assembled.

With European delivery programs, it can become a reality. Even better, you can get a discount while being treated like royalty.

Mercedes offers a generous 7% off the car’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Volvo takes it one step further – this company’s overseas delivery program includes a pair of free round-trip tickets to Scandinavia and a night at the first-class hotel.

The automaker arranges for shipping to the US and it is usually included in the price, as well as customs duty and port processing.

The downsides: advanced planning, sometimes months ahead and not-so-small amount of paperwork involved.

What About Used Luxury Cars?

If you wish to treat yourself to something special at a reasonable price, a reliable used luxury vehicle might do the trick. You can take your pick since it is estimated that the US used car market is more than twice the size of the new-vehicle market.

If your mind is set on a more prestigious four-wheeler for less money, then look for the car that is two to three years old, with relatively low mileage.

If a car is well maintained it can last for 200,000 miles or more without any major repairs. Before deciding on a second-hand classy four-wheeler check the reliability ratings of the upscale models.

Of course, one of the drawbacks of pre-owned cars is the question of hidden collision damage and potential service problems. One more thing you should take into consideration is a more expensive and complex repair when it comes to older models.

New cars come with the factory warranties and have no ownership history, but in just two or three years on the road, half of their value is often shed.

Be sure to do your research well before making the big purchase.