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Important Details Not to Overlook When Buying a Used Car

Buying a car can take some time, but it’s worth dedicating yourself to finding something that’s worth your money. It’s particularly important to carefully examine a used car before you buy it. Unlike a new car, it has already had some wear and tear, and this could mean a few things for the next owner. You don’t know the entire history of the car, even if you can look at all of the relevant paperwork, and you could be taken by surprise if you’re not careful. There are plenty of things that you should look over when buying a used car, but don’t forget to check the following things before you buy.

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The Bodywork

Examining the bodywork of a car before buying will help you to spot any signs of damage, which might have occurred from general wear and tear or perhaps from an accident. Some types of damage might be immediately obvious, but others might require closer inspection to find out if there’s anything wrong. Check for any dents and scratches that might be present on the body of the car. Some of them could be minor cosmetic damage, but they could also be an indication that a more serious accident has taken place.

The Mileage

Remember to check the mileage on the car to see how many miles the car has already done. This is a good indication of the condition that the car might be in and how much longer it might have left before it will no longer be able to stay on the road. Additionally, you need to check that the mileage displayed on the dashboard is correct and hasn’t been changed. Services like the search found at can tell you the real mileage of a vehicle. You can check the MOT documentation and other relevant documents that can tell you whether the odometer is correct or if it has been tampered with.

The Electrics

All of the electrical elements of the car are important to check over too. There are many things to look at, including the windows, air conditioning and entertainment system or radio. You should test out everything that you can think of to ensure it all works. A good time to do all of this is during a test drive. You can start testing things before you even set off, then try out some things during the test drive too.

The Upholstery

Don’t forget to check out the interior of the car, as well as the exterior. The upholstery might not only look bad, but could have bad odours that are difficult to get out. Take a close look at the interior for any tears or rips, marks or any other damage. Some interior problems can be easy to fix, or even easy to ignore, but others might not be as simple to deal with. Bad smells in particular can be an issue and may not have an easy solution.

When you’re buying a used car, don’t forget the smaller details that could still have a big impact on the condition of the car.