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Grow Any Kind Of Blog, And Start A Business!

Starting a blog will be the most exciting journey for you because it’s something that you can turn into a little sideline and maybe make a little bit of money.  Let’s say you’re ready to go with your ideas, your thoughts are running at a mile a minute and perhaps, this is the big leap you have taken towards a new career goal. It is achievable but growing your blog and branching out in the world of PR and marketing is a big step, and it takes time and effort and a little know-how to get things just right. Firstly a checklist: 

  1. A good designed blog and template
  2. Great content that will wow people
  3. A back up plan on cloud for any content, (you could look at cheap vps for this)
  4. Great imagery
  5. Great planning and scheduling of all posts 
  6. Great marketing of your posts and using social media to your advantage
  7. Possible collaborations
  8. Being consistent with style, content and posting
  9. Knowing what people want and staying on top of your audience
  10. A little bit of inspiration! 

Photo: Pixabay

So your blog is going steady after a few months of hard work but perhaps now, you want to help monetize it, and smarten it up. You may also want to grow your reader base and your blog to the point of being able to earn money, and grow good solid relationships with blogger outreach and PR companies. Here are a few tips and strategies to get you going in the right direction. Let’s say that you are a writer and you write lots of books or poetry, you may want to start a blog about that and reach out to some companies that work within publishing to collaborate with. During this uncertain time, it’s good to look at what you can change about your life. 

Brand Yourself 

Your blog design is a huge reflection on yourself, your style, your likes, and your personality. Perhaps you have a specific colour scheme, logos, shapes, or something that truly defines your blog. If you opt for a monochrome, then black and white theme can be just as easy to work with. Branding is super important because consistency in branding creates professionalism and shows a dedication to your craft. Pick a specific design that you really like, for example, a specific blue theme with a matching logo, make sure you do this across the board. This will look good to people. 

Make contacts

This is perhaps the most vital thing. It can be a daunting thing to pitch to someone and to communicate about your blog, but your blog is your baby, you are probably very proud of it, and this must resonate in your communication. Be proud, be bold and do not fear rejection, as it is something that is such a common problem among people across the board, no matter their background or career. Interact with people on social media, comment on other blogs, make friends, this is how you spread your name around the blogging world, and make friends with likeminded people which gives you a good sense of community. Interacting and proving you possess good solid communication shows you are reliable, present and makes people more intrigued by what you do. Get started today!