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5 Wonderland Holidays That’ll Make You Fall in Love with Winter

For most people, a ‘holiday’ brings to mind beaches, pools and sunshine, but there’s a whole new world to be discovered when you embrace the idea of winter holidays. Here you can expect to see magical snow-capped peaks, fun winter activities and gorgeous wildlife. Plus, the air fare is likely to be cheaper in these colder months – it’s a win-win!

So get wrapped up warm and ready to fall in love with these winter wonderlands.

  1. Finland

To get a full-on winter wonderland experience, head to Lapland where you can stay in a log cottage, go dog-sledding with huskies or try out the ski slopes. For those yearning for a white Christmas, Santa Claus Village and SantaPark attractions are open all-year-round to bring festive cheer to children and adults alike.

What’s more, Finland is one of the best places to spot the famous Aurora Borealis a.k.a. the Northern Lights, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  1. Norway

Norway is a haven for winter adventure holidays, with the opportunity for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and husky & reindeer rides – making it perfect for thrill-seekers.

If it’s the thought of freezing weather putting you off from booking a trip to this stunning country, winter there isn’t actually as cold or dark as many people assume; the Gulf Stream coming off the Atlantic keeps temperatures bearable even in the coldest months.

  1. Canada

Although Canada is little further afield, the journey is absolutely worthwhile. This country will send shivers down your spine, not from the freezing temperatures but the breath-taking sights.

There so much to see and do in the vibrant cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, which are all overlooked by crisp blue skies. If you prefer being closer to nature, head to Banff National Park to explore the waterfalls and springs, ski, or catch a screening at their world-famous film festival.

  1. Italy

The Dolomites, a mountain range in north-eastern Italy, is a stunning playground for adventurers. Here, you’re surrounded by picturesque viewpoints with dramatic jagged mountains towering above green landscapes, and it’s perfect for mountain-climbing, hiking and cycling. It’s also ideal for budding photographers as it’s impossible to get a bad shot of this beauty spot.

  1. Slovenia

For a more laid-back winter holiday, try Lake Bled and its island in Slovenia. In this peaceful and idyllic area you can spend some time at the wellness spa, leisurely explore the nature parks, visit the picture-perfect castles and sample the local delicacies and wines. Lake Bled is all the more enchanting in the winter months, making it a fairy-tale holiday for a family or couple.

Embrace a winter holiday this year by visiting one of these spectacular destinations. You’ll instantly forget about the temperature the moment you catch a glimpse of the idyllic, snow-capped landscapes reserved for visitors in the colder months.