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Amazing World

The Oak Island Mystery

Everybody craves some form of escapism from time to time, whether it be deep in a tale of fiction, or a real-life mystery. Indeed, the mystery of Oak Island has become a worldwide phenomenon, that has equally captivated and puzzled historians for...

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Business Profiles

AKF Mining: Distinguished Quality

AKF Mining is a state-of-the-art mining and geoscience firm that acts as a vital partner in its clientele’s exploration, development, production, and closure. Situated at the heart of the Canadian Mining Industry, their expertise in the field...

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Coffee Break

3 Things to Do in Scarborough, Toronto

If you’ve always wanted to explore the exciting areas in and around Toronto, Canada, Scarborough might be the perfect place for your next vacation. Scarborough is a town in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that overlooks Lake Ontario. The Toronto...

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