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Tuxpan Port Terminal: A Gateway for Trade

As part of the SSA Marine and Carrix company, the Tuxpan Port Terminal (TPT) is a privately operated terminal located along the Gulf of Mexico offering a range of services across the cargo and related industries market to the United States.  TPT takes advantage of such a vital position, to provide clients from across the worldwide shipping and logistics industry with an alternative cargo handling operation which guarantees a reliable, accessible and high-quality service facilitated through a specialised infrastructure system. Through its team of highly trained personnel, Tuxpan Port Terminal hopes to play a significant role in the development of Mexico’s economy as it expands the country’s foreign trade offerings. 

Located 293 kilometres from Mexico City, TPT sits strategically along the Mexico-Tuxpan highway and so provides easy delivery of products from the city into the terminals for distribution across domestic and international markets. The strategic location of TPT utilises the infrastructure links of the region to deliver cargo handling operations that save on freight costs, toll fees and extended transportation times. This reduction in time and distance makes TPT a vital hub that delivers cost-effective benefits for all stakeholders involved in the movement of cargo. By enhancing the operations of stakeholders, TPT hopes to see continued investment into the terminal, which will allow it to maintain its reputation as a reliable and efficient alternative cargo handling service providing vital links to both the Northern and South American markets.  

What sets TPT apart from other ports and cargo terminals along the Gulf Coast, is its implementation of cutting-edge technology across its operations. TPT’s operating system has been developed by Tideworks Technology, a subsidiary of the Carrix company, with the aim of providing solutions for the efficient and productive management of the terminal. Tidework Technology’s solutions have already been seen across the world, and in TPT include systems such as Spinnaker which manages yard planning by providing supervision to ship manoeuvres, yard operations, deckhouse activities and the transit of cargo throughout the terminal.  

TPT covers a total area of 85.7 hectares (Ha), which is divided into 15. Ha of container storage, CFS and warehousing to handle the high cargo capacities that are travelling through the terminal. In terms of vessels entering the terminal, TPT has a 15-meter (m) depth along its 556m waterfront which has an operational ship capacity of 11,500 twenty-equivalent units (TEUs). When vessels reach the terminal, they are met with 2 STS Super Post quay cranes, 30 container trailers, top and side loaders, forklifts, spreaders, 240 refrigeration consoles for containers and the necessary equipment for steel and steel production. All of these facilities, ensure that TPT can seamlessly take cargo from vessels travelling into the Tuxpan port, and move it swiftly off throughout the Terminal complex and then onto the transportation or shipment companies which will take the goods to their end markets.  

To maintain a firm management and standardised system for container merchandise, a Mainsail system has been implemented, which will also enhance the reporting systems across the port. Tideworks Technologies has also implemented traffic control systems which support the effective coordination of cargo across the terminal’s yard. Then, to enhance the connection between the terminal, its customers, shipping lines, transportation companies, and related stakeholders, TPT was installed with a Forecast system to ensure all key players remain updated and in constant communication for the benefit of the smooth flow of cargo throughout TPT.  

Typical cargo travelling through TPT includes those in the steel, forestry, project cargo, aluminium and copper industries. All of these industries are global economic heavyweights, and so being the port and terminal of choice for international shipping lines travelling along the Gulf Coast highlights TPT’s growing role in supply chains for some of the world’s most economically lucrative industries. Therefore, TPT is already highlighting the significant role it has begun to play in the comprehensive economic development of Tuxpan, which in turn will see more importers and exporters utilising the terminals to expand their international distribution network.  

Just last year the role of TPT in international markets took a large step forward, with TPT extending its reach across the Gulf of Mexico. TPT announced in June 2023, that it was adding a new multimodal service at TPT, which would connect with Canada, the U.S. and across Mexico. The service will provide exporters and importers with a new strategic channel to enter these markets, supported by TPT’s reputation for efficient and cost-effective cargo handling. This new route will be supported by Crowley, a world-leading shipping and logistics company, which currently provides door-to-door solutions in the U.S., Caribbean, Central American and Mexican markets.  

The development of the new multimodal service, will highlight TPT and Crowley’s expertise and professionalism, and provide a competitive advantage for the most modern port terminal complex in Mexico. The General Manager of TPT, John Bressi, outlines in the announcement that “Tuxpan Port Terminal recognises and congratulates both Crowley and CN for the important advantages that the services of both companies will present to foreign trade. Crowley is a premier container line and logistics company that selectively chose TPT for this exceptional service, recognising that this terminal is the best alternative on the Gulf of Mexico coast. This short sea route will offer significant benefits to the BCOs, such as competitive pricing, shorter transit time, reduced CO2 emissions and safer cargo handling. We are delighted to be Crowley’s port terminal partner”.  

Bressi’s comments here really solidify the aims of TPT to work with international companies such as Crowley to enhance the shipping and distribution network for Mexico and bring significant economic benefits to the region. These economic benefits will then provide a wider local and international reputation for cargo handling success, which aims to bring future investment and reliance on TPT for international shipping lines in the future.  

Overall, TPT has optimised its strategic location along the Gulf of Mexico to deliver an internationally recognised port terminal which delivers efficient, cost-effective and reliable cargo handling for customers both within Mexico and beyond. With new developments and partnerships, such as with key shipping companies like Crowley, TPT has established itself as the best alternative port terminal serving the Gulf through its specialised systems that ensure every customer’s cargo is delivered with efficiency.   

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