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How lockdown TV hits could influence our home design

Have you found yourself bingeing on film and TV in lockdown? The Telegraph reports we’ve been watching more broadcast TV than we have done in years, while streaming subscriptions and catch-up service usage have surged too. With little to do other than staying indoors, who can blame us?

Our favourite fictional productions have offered a welcome escape to the mundane structure of our day-to-day lives and the current harsh realities of the outside world. Viral storylines have provided much-need talking points on video calls – while their carefully curated sets transport us to distant and dreamy locations.

The best set designs draw us into characters’ lives and stick with us long after we switch off. Each and every feature, from an effortlessly styled walk-in wardrobe, to a scruffy but welcoming single bed, can reveal something of their personality before they even appear.

These artful curations can even influence interior design trends, as our homes gradually begin to morph into our on-screen favourites. But which shows have left an impression on audiences so far this year, and how can we recreate some of that on-screen glamour ourselves?

The sets we’re taking inspiration from

While the Netflix documentary series Tiger King was an unexpected early lockdown hit, it’s unlikely you’ll want to shack up in a tiger cage any time soon. Instead there was much for viewers to admire in the environments depicted in the third series of BBC thriller Killing Eve – especially Villanelle’s chic Barcelona apartment.

Filled with a mix of period pieces and contemporary splurges, it depicted the temporary home of a classy international assassin with an acute eye for style (and a burgeoning bank account).

The home of MI6 bigwig Carolyn meanwhile portrays someone equal parts well-educated and ruthless. White brick walls, spiral staircases and stacked bookshelves were used to create a modernist aesthetic for a mysterious woman of power.

Another BBC viral hit was Normal People, a 12-part tale of two awkward young lovers navigating their way through adolescence in Dublin, Sligo and various locations abroad.

Marianne’s childhood home reflects almost nothing of a character who often feels shut off, unloved or out of reach. There’s no mess or clutter, while neutral colour schemes dominate. It sharply contrasts the modest but welcoming vibes of Connell’s mum’s house, where the two share their first intimate moments together.

If none of that sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve been rewatching the classics instead. Many platforms have made more series and films available than ever before, and like most people, we’ve grown fond of testing our knowledge of them during lockdown.

You can test yours with this iconic film character bedroom quiz by Hammonds. Thankfully, there’s no video calling involved – all you need to do is match various personal items to their make-believe owners, (answers are at the end of the article).

Simple ways to recreate your favourite sets at home

With all the extra time spent indoors, many will have grown bored of their home interiors. But by paying close attention to the details of your favourite on-screen adventures, you can revive your current setups with just a few small touches.

A statement side table could turn your bedroom from dull into exotic. Or perhaps a few oversized throws are all you need to feel like you’re at university again?

It’s worth heading to social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. There you’ll find plenty of TV-inspired mood boards made by fans just like you.


Quiz Answers

  1. James Bond
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Darth Vader
  4. Wonder Woman