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 How to Make the Most out of Your Spare Room

A spare room is, when you think about it, a little bit of a waste of space. The very name implies a vacancy: you’re keeping it available for guests to sleep in, but if you only rarely find yourself entertaining guests, then you may be missing an opportunity to put that space to better use.

But exactly what else might you do with a spare room?

Eco cotton linen and blanket on a bed in nature loving family guesthouse for spring and summer vacation. Real photo.

Storage Space

Do you ever find yourself running out of room to store things? With a clever use of space such as under-bed storage and bedside tables, or even bespoke designs for over the bed shelving, you can help maximise the potential, turning the spare room into a stylised bedroom oozing in clever storage.

Home Office

With such a large contingent of British workers having made the switch to working from home on a more permanent basis, it’s worth transforming a spare room into an office space so that you’ll be able to focus on the tasks in hand, even when you’re working from home. Wall-mounted monitors, comfortable chairs, and some inspiring potted plants will all contribute to making the space worthwhile.


Artists and musicians might wish to convert the space into a dedicated space for creativity. In the case of audio, then some investment in equipment and acoustic treatment may be required – but if you have a passion for music, you might consider this worthwhile.

Reading Room

Bibliophiles might have long dreamed of having a library to walk into. If you go for the right DIY solution, you can consolidate all of the bookshelves in your home into a single large one, and install a chair beneath a suitable window for reading in peace. One of the major advantages here is that you’ll still have room for a bed!

Dressing Room

Getting dressed up for a night out can be a bit of a hassle if you haven’t got a space that’s built for it. A dressing table, complete with plenty of drawers and mirrors, can help you to cut out clutter elsewhere in the house. If you’ve been keeping a mirror stashed underneath the living room table, then being able to move it into a dedicated space for dressing up will reap dividends. The same goes for all the wardrobe space that might be elsewhere in the home.

Home Cinema

The living room isn’t always the ideal environment for enjoying a movie. The layout might require that you consign the tv to the corner, and a surround-sound system might be impracticable. If you’ve got a spare space, then why not turn it into a dedicated cinema room? That way, you can be sure that your viewing experience is totally uncompromised – and you’ll be able to throw a few games machines into the mix, too.