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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To An Automatic Garage Door

Do you own a garage door at home? Do you have it for a long time now – months, years, decades? If yes, surely, you have one in an older version or model. And, at times, you might notice that you are facing a lot of issues requiring garage door repair.

One disadvantage of having an old garage door is it might be difficult to use it, unlike the first time you have it. Added to that, this could be dangerous for your children and can even cause accidents. If you are a homeowner who wants to always go with the trend, your old garage door could look old-fashioned when it comes to appearance.

If you wanted to avoid repetitive repairs that will eventually result in replacement, why not do the upgrade (to a modern version) now? We recommend doing it during the summer season. If you are still undecided, here are some reasons to help you push through with the upgrade.

Added Convenience

One great reason why you should proceed with the upgrade of your old garage door is the added convenience it can bring to you. Automatic garage doors are totally of great help to a lot of homeowners. When the power shuts off accidentally, you can use backup batteries to operate your opener. You must not worry about your car being trapped inside your garage every time such an issue arises as long as you have your batteries with you. If in case you do not know what else to do, you can always ask help from Canadian garage door repair Calgary.

Moreover, with the use of your handy devices like mobile phones, you can do the navigation of your opener even if you are miles away. A modern garage door also has motion-activated features. Therefore, entering into your garage door at night would not be difficult.

The noise that garage doors can bring is as well eliminated. Modern garage doors are much quieter than the older ones.


You should know that garage doors are heavy enough to be handled by a person manually. When an accident happens, it could be fatal to a person. Modern garage doors had made it possible to improve the safety features of the door. There are now sensors making it easier to monitor how the garage door works. If something unexpected happened, the door should work in the reverse direction.


You might notice that the old garage doors seem to not be secured nowadays. People can easily go in and out. But if you are to have an automatic garage door, this can’t happen. The person who has access to the opener button can only do the opening process (unless it was disengaged from the system).

You have nothing to worry about in case you need to go out of your house. Your garage door can do all the security measures while you are away. If you are in an area where thieves are common, your new garage door can prevent break-in issues.

Better Appearance

You should know that garage doors can add curb appeal to your home. Since an old garage door is no longer the trend or could be termed as “old-styled type”, it can no longer look that attractive compared to the modern ones. There are a lot of options wherein you can choose from. You can select a style that will suit your home’s style and theme.

Return On Investment

Do you know that your garage door is also an investment and can give you huge returns? Yes! This can add value to the whole home in case you decided to sell it in the future. Keep in mind that new and modern garage doors can give you at most 97% return.

Comfort and Ease Of Use

The modern and automatic garage doors are now built with great insulation promoting lots of benefits including energy efficiency and controlled temperature. Because of the added warmth such doors can give, it offers a lot of comfort to homeowners. If you are wondering which one to purchase, you can always ask the professionals for good suggestions suiting your preference and even your home’s look.