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4 Small Steps To Publishing Your First Book

After long sleepless nights and restless days, the long book-writing journey is finally over. What a relief! Now, the next journey begins on publishing and getting your amazing content out to the awaiting public. Fortunately for you, technology provides you with various choices through which you can share and interact with your ardent readers. How do you publish your book? You might ask. To guide you through the process, below are four small steps to publishing your first book.

But before getting into it, you should interest yourself in the two main types of book publishing methods. They include:

  • Self-publishing – As the author, you’ll be responsible to carry out all the work on your shoulders. This has everything to do with printing, storage, and the distribution of your books to bookstores. You’ll be in charge of the finances and all the decision making processes. This has to be the most tiresome yet lucrative process in the bookmaking processes.
  • Conventional publishing – This is done through a publishing agency right after signing a copyright contract with them. Working with a publisher who’s got publishing rights will earn you publishing loyalty points. This is among the perks of enlisting a publisher in your book writing career.

Back to the drawing board. Below are the steps to publishing your first book. They include:

1. Printing

You have put in all the work; writing, proofreading, editing, and making sure everything is in order and ready. You have readers who’ll prefer reading physical books rather than visit your online pages. For this, you’ll need a printing company that can articulately design your book cover to make it enticing and attractive to your readers. They also need to have all the printing services you need. Your book must get quality prints and a professional finish that’ll attract the potential reader and also ensure that the reading experience isn’t a strenuous one.

2. A Book Is Judged By Its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This has been a famous saying for ages and fortunately for you,  quite a handful one. This will help ensure that none of your books is thrown to the bin. You might have some amazing content that’ll captivate the reader and keep them glued to the pages. What’ll put them off is the poor cover design that’s not as eye-catching as it should be. According to this book cover survey, readers said that covers do play a decisive role in choosing a book to read or purchase. If you want that book to reach far and wide, put in some effort into designing a desirable cover.

3. Promote Your Work


Even if you used the conventional publishing method, promoting your book not only earns you more but can also help you reach more readers and gain new ones. Luckily, there are various ways that you can use to promote your book such as:


  • Social media
  • Book conventions
  • Donating books to libraries
  • Book promotion and signing tours
  • Book clubs


There’s no reason the Eskimo shouldn’t read that captivating fictional book that you dedicated your time to writing. Promoting your book right will ensure you make more sales and increase your readers’ base.

4. Choose A Distribution Media

Publishing a book involves getting your captivating content to your ardent readers. Thanks to technology, you have a lot of media through which you can distribute your book; both in hard and softcopies. With almost 60% of the world populace having access to the internet, a soft copy is the easiest, convenient, and fastest way to distribute your book to your readers. 

However, you also need to think of the traditional reader who prefers the physical copy, make the plans to distribute to as many bookstores and libraries.

There you go, you now have an idea on how you can publish your book and reach it far and wide. As long as your work is good quality and captivating, you will always have readers who will always be on their toes while reading your book. Well, what are you waiting for? Let the penning begin.