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Are You Doing Enough To Market Your SME In Style?

Whether you’ve recently launched a business, hit some problems due to COVID-19, or want to expand your brand doesn’t matter. Effective marketing strategies will play an integral role in the next phase of your business journey. Quite frankly, success in other areas is futile if the marketing campaigns aren’t under control.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about creating an ad and spending money to ensure it gets seen. In today’s climate, though, there is so much more to branding and marketing. Here are some of the key steps that you must not forget.

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Allowing Consumers To Discover Your Business

Traditional display ads, whether they’re printed media or online banners, can attract the attention. It works for audiences. When shown in the right places and targeted to the right people, they can generate a lot of leads. However, you must not ignore the fact that many consumers and B2B clients actively hunt down the products they require. So, you should invest heavily in allowing them to find you.

SEO is particularly important, regardless of whether you seek local or organic search terms. This should be supplemented by voice search optimisation to reflect the growing trend. Your Google My Business page is another feature that deserves a lot of attention. When people find their way to your company through their own endeavours, the conversion rates are far higher.

Focusing On Your Personal Brand

It’s easy to forget that you are the company’s greatest USP. But you are. As such, it’s vital that you learn to invest in yourself. Consider the many ways that clients will form opinions on the company based on your individual aspects, and you won’t go far wrong. So, you should consider the prospect of growing improved body language and communication skills.¬†

Whether you like it or not, people will judge your brand based on your appearance. Checking out Lebrons dumbbell routine, for example, may enable you to get a body shape. When supported by good grooming, people will instantly trust your brand by association. Attractive people receive preferential treatment in business and a range of other situations. Underestimate this at your peril.

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Investing In Development

Spending to accumulate is one of the oldest cliches in the business manual. Nevertheless, it carries a lot of truth. If working capital levels are low, understanding and debating financing options is essential. Once you have access to financial backing, it’s imperative that you spend it in an effective way. Staff development should be at the top of your agenda as their output will direct the entire business.

In addition to personnel upgrades, you can think about adding new equipment and software. Automation can support ongoing improvements to productivity while also impressing customers. New technologies make the company gain a bigger reputation while it also shows existing clients that the firm is still evolving. This is a central factor if you are trying to secure their loyalty.


It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking it’s your business versus the world. On the contrary, though, collaboration has been at the heart of marketing for many generations. Thanks to digital strands, the possibilities are greater than ever. The Uber X Spotify partnership is just one example of how powerful it can be. For SMEs, it can be the key to expanding the potential client base.

Whether it’s reaching new territories or demographics doesn’t matter. Collaboration allows two non-competing businesses to build a bigger audience. And, crucially, create a more powerful impact. Whether it’s joint social campaigns, video production, podcasts, or promotions is up to you. For example, a nutrition store and a PT could join forces. The key is to think outside of the box and make telling links.

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Running A Responsible Brand

Consumers want to buy from brands that share a similar outlook on life. Essentially, they want to resonate with your company on an emotional level. There are many ways to achieve it, but a clear display of social responsibility should take priority. Going green with eco-friendly packaging and energy usage will put you on the right track. The results are almost instant.

Responsibility can take many other forms. From taking a better approach to COVID-19 responses to supporting local causes, those steps will work wonders. A diverse workforce can also set the right impression on clients, not least because they can feel a connection. Crucially, though, it sets out your stool to show that you are a trustworthy brand. This will translate to more sales and bigger profits.