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How to Stay Healthy and Well When Working from Home: The Self-Care Guide

Working from home has now become the norm, which means we now owe it to ourselves to develop an effective home routine that helps us feel healthier, more productive, and more alert during our working hours. It isn’t healthy to roll out of bed and to your computer. You need to build lasting routines that help you feel and look great. When done correctly you will also be able to work better throughout the day and keep the cold clutches of stress at bay. You may even feel good enough that you can finally start that side hustle or pick up that hobby you love.

Improving your routines when working at home is how you can truly embrace the WFH lifestyle. Only then can you be your best and do your best, for all your goals. So, get started today with this self-care guide to feel better, and be better:

Wake Up Before You Start Work

Always wake up before the last minute. Ideally, you will want to drink a full glass of water, stretch, or do a light workout, shower, and even put on your makeup before the day. This process of getting up and waking up will help you feel ready for the day, and it gives your mind time to wake up alongside your body, just like how getting dressed can help us feel automatically more awake and productive, even if we don’t leave the house.

Healthy Meals, Throughout the Day

You’ve used routine to wake yourself up, and now it’s time to fuel yourself throughout the day. No matter whether omnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan, you can and need to prioritize getting the vitamins and nutrients you need throughout the day. If necessary, choose foods that have added vitamins, and consider a multivitamin to improve your efforts (but do remember a vitamin will never replace food-sourced vitamins). Snacking healthily is also key, so have fruits, nuts, and other healthy munchies to enjoy on your breaks so you can stay productive and happy throughout your day.

Night-Time Spa

It is important to find a series of great products to use, and not to use them all at once. This way, you can cycle through beauty and skincare treatments and keep them effective. As this can get expensive, especially when shopping quality brands from Sephora, always remember to search for a Sephora discount code, price compare, or set up a price drop alert to get the products that work for you, at the best possible price.

Consistent Sleep Schedule

The most important time to care for your skin and beauty is at night because cell repair typically occurs when we are sleeping. By using our body’s natural cycle, we can boost our efforts substantially, but the key part of this process’ success is the quality of sleep you have. By being consistent with your sleep schedule, you can enjoy deeper, more refreshing nights every time, not just once in a blue moon.