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5 gift ideas for women to look out for this Christmas

Are you shopping for the lady in your life? Or perhaps you are shopping for a friend or sister. Maybe you’re even shopping for yourself and looking for ideas of what to treat yourself with as an early Christmas present. Whatever the reason, we at Hush Style are here to help you find the perfect gift and have a LOT of ideas. Take a look to see what we have selected for you to add to your Christmas list today…

  1. A bag for all occasions

There are several reasons why someone might want a cross-functional bag that they can just grab when walking out of the door. For one, it makes life an awful lot easier because you always know it will contain your essential items. There are few things more frustrating than arriving at your destination to find you have left something crucial at home in the previous bag you transferred everything from. It can also save you a load of time – a huge help if your recipient is always running on the minutes. When selecting it, make sure you consider the type of style they tend to have – a sporting, casual rucksack for example won’t necessarily be welcomed by someone who wears 5-inch spike heels to buy a pint of milk! There are so many styles available so pick wisely and ensure that it will be large enough to house all their essentials.

  1. Luxe lounge wear

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us is that we need to ensure we have plenty of comfortable clothes in which to enjoy our time at home, and we never know when we will be doing more of that! It can feel extravagant to buy something designer simply to wear on the sofa which is exactly why it’s the perfect gift – it’s truly a treat.

  1. A stunning watch

Let’s be honest, with how glued to our phones we always are, there is no real reason to wear a watch to tell the time. Instead, it becomes an accessory that when worn well, can adorn any outfit and elevate it from average to stylish. When picked wisely, it can complement the jewellery of the wearer so that she manages to look glamorous at all times.

  1. Best foot forward

Shoes are the passion of so many women and to a real shoe-fetishist, it is unlikely you will go far wrong in your choice. One type to consider is a pair of striking designer trainers though because not only are these really on trend, they can be used in all manner of occasions, plus they will keep her feet comfy too.

  1. Shade it up

It might seem incongruous to buy someone a pair of shades in the dead of winter but actually, a winter’s day can be crisp and bright with a blinding sun. And few things look more extra than a heavy overcoat, scarf and a pair of designer shades. So help your lady glam up by treating her to the right pair.

Christmas is a wonderful time to treat those we care about and sometimes even pick up a few things for ourselves along the way…after all, why should you miss out?!