Coffee Break

 Three Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas

In a world where advertising is everywhere, from the moment we wake up, in between our favorite shows, popping up on things we are reading, right up until we go to bed, it is hardly a surprise that people have started to blank out everything, cross everything off and start muting the moment someone starts talking about hoovers or window upgrades. It is exhausting.

That being said, as consumers, we do like things that catch our attention, and a great ad can make us skip that skip button, or hover over the x button a little longer than perhaps we would have before.

This is why your brand and business need to stand out. Not only are we all little fishes in a giant ocean, but we have to be interesting enough that people want to look our way in the ocean in the first place.

This piece will offer some creative marketing strategy ideas that you can put to use to see great results!

Short Videos

We all apparently now have the attention span of a goldfish, so if you want your campaign to come across to anyone, it has to come across fast.

Ideally, you will want a video that spans 1 to 2 minutes to catch and keep your audience’s attention but the content will be the key to whether they keep watching!

Videos are now the next best marketing tool out there considering how many people watch them, so it’s a good idea to keep this consistent. That being said, it can be costly to get a bunch of decent kit upfront to start making great videos, so consider paying a visit to see if you can take out a short-term loan that’s right for this investment!

Catch people’s attention by bringing back print and thinking outside of the box”

Take to the Streets

For when things get a little more ‘back to normal’, there is still very much an open appreciation for traditional marketing, such as printed leaflets in cafes, interesting posters, and even more creative means of getting your message out such as using chalk on the pavements, pictures, or even commissioning someone to create a mural in a area with heavy traffic. Think outside the box to get your target audience’s attention!

Funniest pet picture to brighten up our Wednesday?”

Create Contests!

Contests are an excellent way to get customers engaging with your brand and your social media platforms. A popular contest to start on social media is usually based around photographs and video – though bear in mind it is much easier to snap a picture of your pet for Facebook than it might be to make a video – so don’t make them too complicated or personal!

Another contest idea might be to post a photo yourself and ask your viewers to create the best caption for it, or to put an idea on social media for them to submit a vote on! These are all great ways to not only engage with your users but also create user-generated content.