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Determined Driver: 9 Smart Tips For Essential Driving

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Nowadays, driving is considered a skill because of its many advantages. Especially now that everyone is negatively affected by the spread of the deadly virus, people are more cautious with their daily activities. Consequently, they opt to ride in a private vehicle or their cars instead of hanging in public transportation.

But of course, even if driving is a necessity at present times, it should be borne in mind that one must not learn abruptly to the point of disregarding the basic rules for safe driving. Hence, if you are an aspiring driver, you may want to consider these nine smart tips for essential driving.

Enroll At A Driving School

Nothing beats a professional driver. Yes, you may learn to drive by merely asking someone in your family or among your friends to teach you to do it. But know that it’s still more advantageous if you enroll at a reputable driving school since it will teach you everything you need to know about riding your car, especially about precautionary measures.

Therefore, if you reside in Melbourne and desire to learn the art of safe and confident driving and master Melbourne’s road rules, you may enroll at VIP Melbourne Driving School.  Click here to know more about it.

Safety First

Of course, while your driving instructor will repeatedly instill in your mind the safety measures, chances are, you will forget about it once you get better at driving. Thus, you must be disciplined enough to remind yourself over and over again that whatever happens, safety always comes first. More importantly, think about what will be put to waste if you don’t prioritize security.

 Thus, always buckle up. Don’t text and drive. Stay alert at all times because other drivers may not be as disciplined as you are. Obey speed limits. And remember, the yellow light is for you to go slow and not faster.

Practice Patience

While time is essential, and we live in a busy world, it is understandable that we might always be in a rush. But being in a hurry is not an excuse for us not to practice patience in driving. Hence, do not lose your cool. Thus, while the driver of a vehicle in front of you is trying his best to lessen obstruction when trying to make a U-turn or parking, try your best to wait patiently. Otherwise, you’ll lose your temper and end up wasting your time by getting angry.

Obey Road Rules

Most drivers no longer obey road rules. They follow only to avoid being penalized. Rules are made for a reason. They are not created merely just for the sake of it. But instead, for everybody’s safety and convenience. Therefore, don’t just obey the traffic rules. Follow the road signs like stopping when you see a stop sign or when pedestrians are crossing. It’s when people ignore these rules that accidents occur.

Never Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the usual causes of accidents. Tailgating means driving too close behind someone. This is a terrible habit because it would likely put you in an accident. When you’re too close to the car ahead of you, you will have a shorter reaction time if something happens to that car. You can’t swerve right or turn left if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops or makes an unexpected movement.

Thus, to be safe, always keep a reasonable distance to avoid danger. This way, you won’t experience anxiety or panic because you’re in a safe zone.

Drive According To Weather Conditions

Weather conditions affect the roads. So it’s a must for you to consider the weather before hitting the streets. If it’s raining very hard, drive slowly. If it’s snowing, you seriously need to slow down to avoid a collision. And if the weather is too bad, do not drive at all.

Give Other Drivers The Right Of Way

Of course, being at a point of intersection with other vehicles is unavoidable and somewhat confusing. And the usual tendency is to make the first move and not give others the chance to do the same. Thus, if you’re in this situation, it won’t hurt if you allow the other drivers to have the right way. This way, you’ll avoid crashing or hitting each other.

Inspect Your Vehicle

This is one essential habit of any person who owns a car. Hence, you must perform some simple safety checks like inspecting your brakes, turn signals, headlights, tires, oil, and the like. Make sure that there are no leaks or loose things. Remember, taking care of your car is indispensable to your safety.

Exercise Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a type of mindset that anticipates potential danger. No, it’s not pessimism. It’s just an extra-precautionary measure. When you think that way, you tend to be more careful. Thus, keep your eyes focused on the road and the possible movements of other vehicles. More importantly, anticipate their actions and prepare your reactions.


Indeed, driving is a skill. But it can only be considered one if you never forget to abide by the basic rules taught to you at your driving school. Always remember that safety must be prioritized at all times, among others.