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How to Properly Plan an Online Meeting

Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, or educator, recently more and more of us have begun using online meetings and webinars as a way of communication. Webinars are excellent for teaching courses, training staff, or selling products, all to a large group of people at once. 

With modern technology and a great pitch, you can sell or teach just about anything over a webinar. But, if you have never done one before, you may be nervous or simply need some tips. Let’s dive in – here are our top tips for how to properly plan an online meeting.

Get The Right Platform – And Use Its Tools

Before you even start planning what is going to be discussed or shared in your online meeting or webinar, you need to decide what platform to use. Finding the best webinar software is key to launching a successful online program. With a tool like webinarJamor Livestorm You can build an entertaining, interactive, and informative presentation. Some of the features bundled in with these platforms can really change the game when it comes to interaction with your audience, so be sure to learn the platform and find out its perks. 

 Most great webinar platforms come with similar, and extremely useful features. One of the most important things about an online meeting is making sure everyone is engaged, and these features and tools can help you make this happen. For example, most platforms allow viewers to ask questions to the speaker, creating real interaction much like you would find in a regular in-person meeting. 

On top of this, the speaker is able to ask questions or set up polls for further user interactivity. Taking it to the next level, many platforms allow for extra video and image integration, so you can show data, video, or slides to help drive your point home. Some even have the ability to set up a ‘whiteboard’ allowing you to highlight, sketch, draw, or even correct parts of your slides. If you integrate all these tools when presenting, your audience will be more interested and more entertained. Which, in turn, can lead to better information retention, or even more sales. The key here is to find out exactly what features your platform has to offer and utilize them for a great delivery.

Know Your Audience

One of the key ways people plan great speeches, meetings, or presentations is to first take a step back and consider their audience. Who will be attending your meeting? What are their common goals, issues, problems? Why are they tuning in to your presentation? Answering these questions first will help you plan a much more targeted and interesting meeting. For example, if your meeting is for staff training, first consider what stage your staff is at in their career, why they need this training, and what they themselves want to achieve. If you are selling something, ask yourself why your potential customers might need your product or service – what brought them to you? Starting here will ensure you are in-tune with your audience and ready to deliver a perfect webinar.

Preparation and Planning

Once you have your target audience firmly in your mind, it is time to start planning your meeting. It’s up to you how you start. Some prefer writing out extensive notes on what they want to speak about. Others like to start their plan with data, imagery, and video content that they plan on using. Personally, we like the notes or cue cards approach. Start by dividing your meeting into concise segments. What does each segment hope to achieve, and what are the key points? Then, write down key headings, points, and topics you want to get across in each of these sections. Finally, decide what graphics or extra content you would like to use in each section. Where would be good for audience interaction such as polls, Q&As, or guest speakers? Once you have layered all of these pieces together you will be well on your way to having an excellent presentation ready to share.

Branding and Marketing

Finally, be sure your meeting or webinar is appealing before your clients even log in. You should give it a catchy, yet informative name, announce who is speaking, and have a good logo and tagline. Many of the most successful online speakers, webinar hosts, or online coaches have excellent branding that sets them apart from the field. Think stylish design, bright color, and interesting wording. Hook them in before you’ve even started speaking!

 With these top tips, you will be able to plan, prepare, and present a successful online meeting. Remember to keep it interesting and interactive, and always target your specific audience. Good luck entering the world of online meetings!