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Want to Start a Dropshipping Business? Here’s What You Need to Do

If you are reading this, I take it that you know what the drop shipping activity is all about. Numerous online resources will help you learn more about it, and this article does not focus on the answer to the question. However, one question we do want to answer is how much money I need to invest in starting a dropshipping business. If that question has been playing on you, we have news for you-very, excellent information. The answer is zero. It is only normal that you don’t buy that, not even for zero bucks. But it’s a fact; read on to know the specifics.

How To Start

There are plenty of people who come upon this great idea; it’s unique and has excellent business potential. You feel you will be able to translate the concept to a business with elan; after all, your idea has all it takes. But the real obstacle in your path is how you take it to the next level of maturity. How do you create a business and sell your product? Well, sir or madam, step right in. The steps you need to follow to do a dropshipping business without spending a penny is as follows:

Step #1- Acquire A Supplier

Isn’t it strange that we have listed the usual step two before step one? Well, it is on purpose, such is the importance of suppliers especially if you have a zero or minimal budget to back you. Suppliers can make or break your business and the idea behind it. Some suppliers DO let you sell from a vast product catalog for free. You can customize these products and have them custom-designed before you sell them on e-commerce platforms. You should also try to connect to suitable suppliers, as this blog post illuminates. Research such suppliers carefully because, as we mentioned earlier, a few of them are free.

Step #2- Set Up A Store

As Q informed an enterprising James Bond that setting up a store is the first thing, he would need to start his Spectre skull emblemed wristbands selling business. Same for you. It is necessary to have a store to start a business. For people in dropshipping companies, there are plenty of available options. However, most do indeed come with a cost, and NONE of them are free forever. Some of the drop shipping big players include Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. While it is indeed true that none of them are free for life, services like Shopify do offer a no card required, two weeks trial period. It is more than any other major player provides at the moment. The exact working specifics vary from one platform to another. Still, you can get started on any of them without spending a farthing. Please don’t despair, friends; we haven’t forgotten the caveat that you have no money. Well, not exactly, but we can give you fourteen days to arrange enough for you to afford Shopify services. It won’t even ask for cards, but you must indeed agree to receive marketing emails. You will find plenty of online guides that will help you set up your Shopify store in a step-by-step manner.

Step #3- Put In Your Effort

Considering that you have little or no money to spare, it is natural to assume that the product is something you have designed yourself. People with moderate to high amounts of investable money must be something they had got designed by professionals. This step will call for a portion of your time and effort. Considering that your dropshipping business’s success depends on it, you need to put in your best.

Step #4- Market Your Product

Marketing is another step that might need you to spend some money. You will do your business, little good by relying on netizens to find your store and maybe buy some products. You can market your products in the online world in a variety of ways. But since this is a no-money needed article, we will take the free to overlook PPC and social ads. Instead, it will be better for you if you concentrate on social media to market your new business and its products. As with several social media instances, one retweet by the right influencer can bring you loads and loads of orders. And many influencers do it for free- out of goodwill and conviction. If you can exploit the tremendous digital marketing opportunity for dropshipping of social media, you really can make it big. Learn to use it well!

Final Thoughts

Yippee, now you have your very own dropshipping business. Spread the champagne (sweetened drinks made from the carbonating machine at home?) around. Hopefully, the process of starting a dropshipping business and the essential steps you need to take is clear to you now. It should serve as the basics of your business plan for your great new idea. Now, think, isn’t that easy and cheap. Well, that’s technology for you!