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7 Exciting Nursing Careers You Probably Never Thought of

Nursing is viewed as one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. It’s also viewed as one of the most demanding. However, the field is huge and goes far beyond emergency care. Nurses are needed everywhere and can fill all sorts of positions. They can also decide to work with specific groups or help certain communities. Nursing is a very diverse career with all sorts of specialization options you can choose from depending on your skills and interests. Let’s take a look at a few exciting nursing jobs you probably never thought of.

Camp Nurse

If you have great interpersonal skills, an upbeat attitude, and love nature, then working as a camp nurse might just be for you. You could work in all sorts of camps, whether they focus on the youth or adults with disabilities. Or, you might want to pick a camp that focuses on specific activities, like horsemanship for instance, or white-water rafting. This is a chance to work in a relaxed environment, which sounds like an oxymoron in the world of nursing. You’ll have the chance to build a relationship with the people you work with.


If you love action and want to work in a fast-paced environment, no pun intended, then know that NASCAR is hiring. Nurses and medical staff play a very important role in NASCAR events. Their responsibility is to treat drivers and team members suffering from all sorts of conditions. They may also need to rescue and provide immediate assistance to drivers after accidents.

While it is a very exciting job, it’s also a very serious one and your help could literally mean the difference between life and death in some cases. A great job for car lovers, but also for those who love variety.

Medical Script Nurse

There are plenty of positions open in fields outside of nursing for those with experience, like script nurse for instance. Script nurses are responsible for reviewing scripts to see if they’re accurate. They might also be called to come on set and spot some inaccuracies. They play a very important role in making sure that the procedures and lingo that are used are authentic.

Know, however, that it’s all about who you know in Hollywood, and it’s the same with medical script nurses. This means that you’ll have to do the footwork to get in touch with the right people, whether it’s online or face to face.

Yacht Nurse

Yes, you could actually get paid to sail on a luxurious yacht. Yacht owners need staff and there’s usually a nurse that will be part of it. As a yacht nurse, you will be required to offer first aid in case anyone suffers an injury. You might also be asked to provide special care to the owner.

This is a great option for those who love traveling, but these are often reserved for nurses who have many years of experience. Also know that you may have to live in close quarters with other members of the crew. Also, since you’ll only be needed from time to time, you might have to act as a deckhand or steward as well.

Another option would be to work as a cruise ship nurse. You’ll see a lot more action there, and there are also a lot more openings. You could get some of these positions with an associate’s degree, but we suggest you get a bachelor’s instead. If you are worried about the time it would take, know that you can enroll on an online accelerated BSN nursing program that will allow you to get your credentials way faster.

Working as a cruise nurse means that you’ll be working with people from different walks of life. This also means that you’ll have to deal with a much wider range of situations. And, when you’re not working, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the same exotic locales as everyone else.

Flight Nurse

This is a great job for people who want to make a real difference. Flight nurses provide care to people who are transported by air. These are often involved in rescue missions and have to administer critical care to patients. This is why they usually need critical care training.

Flight nurses will often work with paramedics to treat acute trauma and provide advanced life support. This is a high adrenaline job and great for someone who loves adventure. You also need to have a very high tolerance for stress.

Health Policy Nurse

This is another great position if you want to make a difference in the life of patients and nurses in the field. Health policy nurses are there to improve procedures in the healthcare system so it can benefit caregivers and the people they work with. They might be a liaison between the staff and the administration and work on boards. They also play a very important role in public health and can affect the fate of whole communities. Some health policy nurses also decide to work with non-profit organizations.

Nurse Health Coach

Nurse health coaches are like a hybrid between a lifestyle coach, trainer, and nutritionist. They work with their clients to see where they are health-wise and where they’d like to be. They will look at some of the choices they make and where they could improve. They will then work on building a program that includes exercise, nutrition, and general wellness.

One of the great things about being a nurse health coach is the close relationship you’ll have with your clients. You might have the chance to follow some of them for the rest of their lives and see them gradually improve thanks to your work. This is without a doubt one of the most fulfilling and interesting jobs in the field of nursing.

These are all great positions you should consider if you want to become a nurse and do something special. They’re also great for nurses who want a change of pace and scenery.