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4 Reasons Why Proper Labeling of Your Products Is Important

There are always ways to gain some advantage over the rest of the competition. It’s why we advertise, give out promotional material, and build followings. One thing that often gets overlooked in retail is the proper labeling. A good label gives all the information a customer needs. A good label entices customers. A good label is both a clear document and an advertisement. So many businesses ignore the importance of their labeling. Even if they don’t, they reroute the cost and somehow think it’s okay to put out a product with a sub-par label. That simply cannot happen in today’s market. 

Here are 4 reasons why proper labeling is important.

1. Design Draws Customer 

A label is what catches people’s eye. It’s the thing that pops when you walk down a grocery aisle or a section at a mall. They need to look good. Just take a look at private label water companies and what they’re doing. They’re taking the direction of artistic and wonderfully designed labels. What’s better, that or the same lame snowy mountain you’ve been tearing at for decades? Good design drives people towards a product. That’s one of the main upsides of having a proper design. 

2. FDA Compliance 

When it comes to consumable products like beverages or food, your label has to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. It has to have all the ingredients on the label, or at least a means to access the information if the net weight of the product is under a certain number. If not, you might be subject to some kind of action against yourself and your company. When you put up a nutrition and ingredients label, you’re telling your customer everything that they need to know. This is extremely helpful for both the health-conscious and those who have health issues they need to watch out for. 

3. Advertising 

If your product is one in a line of products, you can use the label to promote things. It’s your label, right? That’s free advertising space! This is especially true of health products and supplements. If you have a pre-workout product, you probably have a protein product. If you have that, you probably have a Branch-Chain Amino Acid product. You can use the label of your product to promote the whole line. Make it look like the thing they have is supposed to be part of a whole. That’s branding. 

4. Warnings and Instructions 

Some people need a little guidance. Remember, common sense is not common. Yes, instant coffee, Q-Tips, and bottled water are self-explanatory. But some might still need a bit of convincing. Putting the proper safety and warning labels keeps you from any kind of old liability. It also makes sure that people use your product correctly. Who knows, maybe someone was putting cold water in instant noodles and waiting overnight. You’ll never know. 

The proper label is what separates a good item from a good product. You can have a million-dollar idea–nobody cares.  You throw on the proper label and everything changes. Labeling spruces things up while giving the proper info. Use it wisely. Good luck.