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Top 5 Advice To Make The Coolest Youtube Intro Ever

YouTube has more than 2 billion visitors per month all of which are people who want to watch videos. That makes it a great place to advertise, as anyone can upload all types of videos. One thing to note however is there is a lot of competition out there. So make sure your video stands out. Create unique content and make cool intros with the help of online editors, visit this page to check one of the best intro maker tools out there.

These videos are the bread and butter of content creators on YouTube. There are different ways you can monetize every video that you make. In fact, some people even consider vlogging on YouTube as a full-time job. While it’s a lucrative industry, one more benefit you can gain from this platform is an easy promotion for your products.

Apart from the content of the actual video, intros also play a big role in getting good feedback from viewers. This short part in the video can tell a viewer a lot about you and what you represent. It can also be a deciding factor whether they will continue watching or skip it. Here are a few simple tips on how to make a cool intro video for YouTube.

Use Your Intro Maker Templates

This intro maker has a lot of templates to choose from. You can simply type in what type of video you are making, and it will show you all the closest results. In this case, if you are creating an intro, choose one that suits your channel. There are a lot of choices and don’t worry if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. You can edit this later on in the intro maker.

This online intro maker also has a calendar mode that you can sync with your devices. What it does is that it notifies you if there is any occasion on that day. For example, if it’s International Pancake Day, it will notify you. With this information, you can make customized intros that have something to do with that special occasion.

Choose Cool Fonts

The font is one of the most underrated elements of intro making. This may seem like something that you don’t need to think too hard about, but it’s actually important. A font can make readers feel certain types of ways and it lets people know a little bit about you. You won’t be putting a lot of words in the intro, so you should make them count with an exciting but legible font.

With this intro maker, you can choose from the unique designs provided in the text editor. These designs were carefully chosen and are well-received by the online public. It also comes with smooth animations, unlike traditional editing software where the default animations are too simple. Choose one that you think best represents what your video and your channel are all about.

Keep It Short And Simple

You may have heard of this phrase before. Keeping it short and simple has been proven time and time again to keep customers interested in a product. In this case, you want your viewers to stick around and watch until the end of your video. Make sure that your intro is short and precise, just put the important details and don’t crowd the screen.

The templates on this intro maker already have different intro lengths. Be mindful of the length of your intro, a 30-second intro will bore your audience. Don’t make it too short though, as it can look awkward and confusing for a viewer. The sweet spot is around 10-15 seconds, this should be more than enough for you to introduce yourself.

Be Consistent

You have to be consistent with the things you put in your intro. Don’t put random things on the screen and use different fonts for different words. That can be a recipe for disaster and viewers will stop watching your video and won’t give you their time. Make sure there is uniformity throughout the intro even if it’s only for a brief moment.

You should also consider being consistent with the colors that you use. Too much contrast on the screen can be overwhelming. The viewer may find it hard to concentrate on the clash of colors while reading whatever words you have in the intro. Use this intro maker to your advantage and base off on the provided templates.

Flash Your Brand

Brand recognition is also something that you have to focus on. This lets viewers remember who you are and whatever product or service you are offering. In videos, the intro is obviously the first part people see. As a result, whatever they see in your intro may be the thing that reminds people of you after watching the video.

The general rule of thumb is you have to include your logo or the name of your channel in the intro. Just flash it briefly on the screen so they know who they are watching. This gives the viewers a clear idea of who it is trying to communicate with them. A slogan is also something you can add to replace a logo if you don’t have one.

How Can Intros Make People Watch Your video?

Intros are just like impressions. How someone views you at the very beginning plays a vital role in how they see you later on. Introductions immediately show the very essence of how someone presents themselves in front of others. In videos, introductions are the key to attracting people to watch the video you worked hard on. To make sure you have an effective video, it must be interesting and eye-catching from the very start.

Parting Words

There will be people who lose interest quickly which is why the intro is just as important as the content. To save you some time, try and make use of an intro maker. Whatever type of video you are making, an intro is a courtesy you can give to the audience that will surely improve your video’s performance.